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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chocolate Fountain at a Steal!

Yay finally bought my choc fountain from Carrefoure. I must say thanks to the market price provided by Xuan's and my online research, I am now affirm that this is on the the cheapest deal you can find if you want to DIY it yourself.

I bought a black choc fountain from Chocolate Line Well the orginal cost of all the fountains are $198. However somehow the black one comes at a discounted price of $79 so what's the wait? lol of cos snatch it! I also bought a small pack of white choc converture which I will be trying out with some little tinge of red dye to see if it will give the pinkish fondue colour which I desire so much.

As for the ingredients, well mainly it will be strawberries and white and pink marshmallow(can be found at mini toons) etc and mabbe even longans haha as long it fits into the pinlk and white theme.

For those who do not want a hassle, another cheap alternative will be renting from The Chocalte fountain. It actually has those multi-colour fondue which I think will give your wedding esp those with a colour theme one with a special touch in terms of the colour . It cost about $180 for 4 hours with the setup and choc fondue. However I'm not sure whether if the price will include any fruits or side desserts for dipping.
For those who wants to go an extra mile to include even popcorn or candy floss machines , Carnival Popcorn may be just the right place for you to rent everything together which makes it less troublesome by liaising with just one company .
HOwever, for the convenience, I must say the cost is not that cheap =P but definitely very fun and interesting for your guests. In fact when I saw the pink retro candy floss machine, I fell in love with its colour and 1900s feel of it.

I wonder what other fruits or side dish will be suitable for my choc dipping? Any suggestions?

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