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Monday, July 14, 2008

A Sat Noon At TCC

Went to Suntec's TCC on Sat, it is really an enjoyable noon lazing around at the cafe having nice desserts and drink. As usual, we will ordered one dessert and one drink to share as it is more economical. We order a cheesecake which has the flavour of passion fruit. Woodblock says that it is a surprise that instead of tasting sour, the sweetness is just nice (not overly sweet either) and yet holds the strong fragrance of the passion fruit.

The drink we ordered is call 'Perfect Match'. It is actually milk coffee with rose concoction. I can tell you ladies will love this Often when we drink coffee, the word sinful is like engrave on our heads. But this is like the merger of those flower tea and coffee. SO when we drink it almost seems like a drink which is soothing to the soul like the feeling flower teeth gives. Yet at the same time it pampers our tastebuds with the enriching taste of coffee... You just have got to try it. Another plus is for its presentation! The bottom most level is pinkish - the heavenly rose water or juice or wateva it is call and the various shades of coffee at we proceed up the levels makes it like a piece of art that I almost cant bear to stir it. Final touches with rose petals scatter on the top. When it was serve, the first thing which woodblock asked was how come the the rose petals smells so strong and nice... lol see it already entice our smell bud b4 we even taste it!

Together, the cheesecake and Perfect Match was a grat match together a plus choice for any ladies who like to dine at TCC.
Finally some miscellaneous pics...
I love the picture on the wall, the intensity of the eyes is very captivating to me! But I dun want it at home tho cos at night it might become a little frightening. =P

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