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Monday, July 14, 2008

Shoes Headache

This week had been a busy week so I haven't have time to do much except for work. But I have been taking time to do some research on Shoes as usual since 'King' has asked me to if possible get a pink pair of heels to match my rom dress. So far i have my eye glue on the shoes from but the problem is that the nice sparkling shoes are mainly in other colours but not pink. The only pink one looks like a pair of gladiator shoes which is not close to my idea of a sweet design which will complement my bubbly dress. =( So far I have went to Tangs, Metro, OG, Taka to look for shoes and none catch my yet. So I guess my shoe search will need to take a longer time. Mabbe I should look for a suitable basic pair and then add ribbons and gems on but the prob is I feel that it may not be nice as the stick on may be pretty obvious. Mabbe I shall look around further or mabbe get a few more wedding magazines to get some inspiration.

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