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Monday, June 30, 2008

Crystal Wedding Penstand with hanging heart

Just started on my new work recently and I really found it pretty enjoyable for now. Although it is pretty tiring especially to adjusting to the new wake up time for work, I find that the work is at least not as stress as previously. Perhaps I am getting more and more into the rhythm of work.

Anyway, I was naggin Vitor that it's been a long time since we work on anything for our rom. So yesterday we decided that the project will be on the feather pen and the pen stand. We look high and low everywhere for a nice penstand but unfortunately we cant find a basic one in any amk bookstores at all =( . The shops which I have seen selling pen stand will be those gift shops selling at near 30 plus bucks. Like I say being a 'xian qi ling mu' aka 'demure wife' I need to be discipline and furnished with a spendthrifts' characteristic, so in the end I drag Vitor and Xiao Mei to my fav amk craft shop to buy some wires, beads, clay flower, crystal butterflies etc.

So after I went home, I came up with this TADA:

My draft pen stand! The base is suppose to resemble some heart shape but I am not a fan of symmetrical stuff so i made one side more elongated as usual. I love the hanging heart with the little pinky ribbon... so sweet! Maybe we should personalise it with our names too.. ok something for me to ponder about...

Well the reason why it is a draft piece is apparent, due to many trial and error of twisting, The wires became rather crooked which is really UNGLAM. So Vitor says he will be making a new one following my prototype.. yipee i cant wait for him to make me a new one! But I think I better be by his side to supervise the new piece. When I was making this, Vitor actually undo the wire which I have already finished twisted, I was like almost hoping mad... waste my time leh Mr.wood block. I hope you be reading the blog =P

But anyway woodblock has been providing me with much help recently esp when anxiety is up when I just started work. Thank you so much!
Anyway have been really busy until i din even have the time to go down to carrefoure to buy the fondue machine. The other day xuan help to check it out and told me fondue machines are very ex.. usually at a few ks. So now I feel that the one at carrefoure which cost like 70 plus to 80 bucks is much cheaper. ANyway but i heard that there are places which loan fondue machines instead... anyone has any lobang to share it with me???
ok I shall take a break and go read my bedtime crayon shin comic before retiring for the night =)

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