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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lovely crystal crown on the ring pillow

Came across the bridal magazine on ideas for ring pillow. Immediately I fell in luv this crystal ring crown covering the rings. Doesn't it look romantic and dreamy???

Magazine Source from : Female Brides 2007 Falls
Freaking chio isn't it. Ohh the bling simply melts my heart ~droOl~
But dear dear it cost 100-200 bucks which is way out of my budget for just a mere deco for the ring pillow =( but thank goodness i dunno where i got the zest and energy from... i manage to convince qi dat i luv it so much that i want her to help me along with making a similar crown. So we went to my fav amk central crft shop and purchase loads of beads and crystal like plastic beads and some swarovski crystals for the tinge of sparkling effect =)

Muahahah yay my VERY OWN crystal ring crown. Tho it kinda of say-niak to one side (bend over slightly to one side) . I told it was pretty cool and a great accomplishment on the very first trial and attempt at the crystal crown... the overall cost : Around slightly more than 20 plus not super cheap but dere were many many beads left(as i over estimate the numbers) and compare to 100- 200 bucks this is a super saver of 180 bucks or so... ooo i almost can imagine hearing the 'Thrify King' theme song playing behind and Quan yi feng saying 'Wah' ~*chuckle*

Anyway, my wedding bands are also from goldheart... hey gpt member discount obviously I will go back to it. I will show the wedding bands on the next post tho since I have yet collected the rings. So usually when you purchase wedding bands, the jewellry shop will always give the couple a complimentary ring pillow =) thank goodness it is PINK and WHITE fits the theme of my wedding perfectly. The only problem the flowers are non removable and is stubbornly sticked on with super glue... haizz

So tried putting both together amazin still looks pretty ok with each other even tho i would prefer a plain base. But to get a new ring pillow will mean at least another 50 bucks and if i were to use the current pillow without the crystal crown it would be a waste of qi and my efforts for an entire noon =(
So wat eva I am so gonna use both together =P thanx qi!

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