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Friday, June 20, 2008

Rom dress fitting at Bliss Bridal

My bridal studio is from bliss bridal. Not sure whether if it was a good choice but the other day when I went for the rom dress fitting, I must say I went back home a happy and excited bride! I was torn between 2 types of gown, one which is short, puffy dress which makes any girl looks sweet and cute in it. Another type will be a gown dress which has a much shorter skirt in front and a longer skirt on the back which is very unique and special.

On the day of the dress fitting, I went down with both Vitor and Hong, the latter whom I have great trust in taste. Most our friends will agree that Hong usually is pretty sharp in aesthetic stuff. One thing she didn't know was that ever since secondary school, I have a bad habit of getting pple to go choose things with me but the conclusion of the purchase is always by my own gut likings rather then my fren's suggestion. So usually my frens felt like killing me for wasting their brain to think and choose when my brain is like in its own world choosing what I want... eventually no matter whether it turns out great or not, I still nede up choosing on my own liddat. Yet there is one person whom I have always think twice about when she say something is nice... which is Hong. haha ok let's not digress from the dress fitting outing.

Here's some of the dresss which I tried:

I like the back of this dress because of the cross tied up ribbons, very sexy. However, the front was a tat too plain for my likings.

I luv this puffy dress, which makes me look much livelier. Ok pls ignore the split part, cos the gown was of a smaller cut so I coulnd't zip it up (i know what conclusion you guys must be thinking about ..... i am not fat mind you!) Anyway the best part of the dress is not dat it is simply CUTE, but the ribbon is actually strudded with lots of gems crystals. The photo unfortunately was not able to capture the details of this dress tho =(

anyway all these pics are taken secretly as the bridal studio says the designs of the studio's gown are suppose to be business secret. So I was about to select the 2nd piece for my rom dress and wants to make to measure it agan to a pink shade, the designer 'king' ( I cant remember his exact name) step in and say it is such a waste to tailor another dress which is the same and not one which is unique to my likings. So I show him the magazine pic which I initially wanted for my rom dress and immediately he went to look into his treasure closet and alas took out a gorgeous DREAM dress!

Why do I say DREAM dress? haha it was a combination of the cute puffy dress and the short and long skirt which I mentioned earlier. I was like really lost for words...

First I cant imagine how does one ever combine these 2 designs and personally even if u have a good imagination, these 2 designs seems to clash with each other to have a good design. Kudos and hail to King hahah his magic touch makes it all happen.

The dress is really unique, I'm sure my guest will be surprise by it too!

Anyway after hearing a have pink and white theme for my wedding King suggested that I use a pink material for my dress like this one here, so I'm even happier about it as the pink shade looks really sweet.
Sad to say, we were unable to take good pics due to so much restrictions and all. but I am excited for the next trip to the bridal studio when King finally come out with a final design for my dress. Thank you so much King!

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