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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Everything a tinge of pink =) introducing the pink fondue!

Just when I was pondering and having a headache on a pink and white theme. I realise it is so difficult to implement the colour scheme esp on the food. so now i am busy sourcing to see if there is possibility of getting a machine fondun kind cos when i saw the choc colour in pink, i thought it was really special. I also pink and white marsh mallows selling at mini toons so they should go pretty well together. For this I'm glad my great gal pal, xuan is helping me out with the sourcing for a fondue machine esp when I am going to be very busy as my work is starting soon =( Sometimes I wonder what I am gonna do without the 3 great friends who has always been helping me in terms of emotions and tasks. I wish I can lon fondue machine instead of buying one actually cos i will only use it once so quite a waste =P

I'm also hoping to get some mini cupcakes to make it into mini cupcake tiers like the ones found here
source: simply cupcakes
So cute, simple but simply sweet!
I wonder how much is it cost for the cupcakes and the setup too. Anyway it's gonna be hard work for xuan cos when i try to reesearch and survey for the 2 items above it really drove me nuts =( glad she helps me lay off a great burden. Anyway it is another great help to my dream wedding!

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