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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kudos for Vitor on his proposal

I found out that youtube shows the url links of webby which is link to our proposal video. So being a kpo queen, I went to look at the webbies. There is this comment which I thought Vitor will be happy to see so I am pasting it on our blog here so that he can see it more conveniently when he gets back from his work trip. Here's the post:

Posted by: NaeS at 13 May 2008 4:12 PM Link to comment
what's wrong with his accent? we should not laugh at other's accent cos everyone has his own unique accent.
but what i feel is that he has guts and ain't romantic. he should propose in person. n what about the flowers and ring??!!
check this out!!
this guy in the video had done a marvellous job!that would really melt a girl's heart
maybe we can learn something about been romantic.
what Gavin did was only daring but not romantic at all and i don't understand why so many girls think that he's romantic. He is very sincere though!

so kudos to blockhead Vitor(salute)

This is a comment made in response to Kennysia's post to help a guy propose to his girlfriend online. I guess his gf must be a great fan of Kennysia's blog.

Well I think it is a pretty well thought of idea since his gf reads the blog every morning. Well despite there were several negative comments on the proposal, the only reason why I think the idea was sweet was that he had paid detailed attention to her daily routine which many guys still fails to accomplish that even for years.
Usually I will straight away comment that this is not romantic at all although the surprise element is pretty high. But after read Fiona's blog, I gather that Gavin eventually brought her to her nice romantic place for dinner and presented her a ring. So at least he did follow up and create a romantic atmostphere when he gave her the ring. So it wasn't totally anti climax after all. BUT I feel that it would have been an even better proposal if the follow up is almost immediate so she can been overwhelmed with so much wonderful emotions =) den again this is my opinion, as long the girls luvs it who cares what the whole world thinks man!

I'm glad she says yes after all the excitement! All the best to Gavin and Fiona!

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