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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Creative Ideas for Guest book

Ever since I got enagaged, I have crazily bought like tons of wedding magazines. It came to a point that I realise I was over doing with my purchases! But I must say it is really interesting read about the weddings of other couples as it is very sweet and some are truly innovative.

This is a photo booth which is set up from the guy whom I have mentioned about in proposing to his gf in the most romantic way in my prev blog. For details on how he set up the booth you can visit his blog at . Now your guest will have some fun taking pictures of themselves and at the same time write a personal msg for you. I think this is way better than just writing on the conventional guest book! And the guest can have fun expressing themselves. Finally it is a much easier work for the couple when they finally made a scrap book for their wedding!

Some of the sample shots from the wedding. Oh I luv this idea so much but I am simply a tech idiot so i guess it will be out of the story =(

Now another idea for the guest book will be this

'bridal pig in pink and white'. (click the url if you are interested in where it is being sold)

Basically, it is a pair of piggy soft toy whereby their bodies are made of some Japan PU leather so your guest can sign on the softtoy directly. Cute isn't it and I bet your guests will be surprise when they see this. Tho it says can sign up to 580 signatures I wonder if the space is still a little tat small for short msgs (isn't guest book more for little msgs rather then just signatures?shrug)

There is another popular alternative to guestbook, that will be the wishing tree

The wishing tree is pretty popular now if you ever flip through the bridal magazines, you will realise there are so many ideas for the wishing tree. Basically I read it from this webby ( that the wishing tree is actually a dutch tradition. There is even one tree where the tree is made of gorgeous crystals and mirrors but of cost is comes with a hefty price of around 300 plus bucks.

Anyway I am so excited whenever I come across interesting ideas like these cos I always feel that life should be filled with little and bits of interesting ideas! Anyway if you have any interesting findings on guestbooks pls do share it with me =)

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