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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We are engaged!

It seems a gazillion years since we have dated since the end of our University days. It is really lots of fun I must say and precious moments being shared when you date while you are studying.

So now after browsing through so many webby for informations on wedding ideas, I have decided to start a blog to keep track of the so many wonderful things which I badly lUVVV but yet too many to work on!

But alas before this great moment, I shall start the first blog which is every woman's dream which is the proposal itself. I am glad my witty best galfren cum sister, qi did a great job by capturing the special moment on video cam (which my bf has surprising excluded out from his GREAT PLAN lol guess he must have been nervous lol!) Well don't be surprise, because his evil tyrant gf has always been a fan of the romance and crazy ideas and so she told him 'If you ever propose and it is not touching, forget about me saying yes' and prep him with the thought of 2nd and 3rd trial attempt due to previous failure attempts.

So my woodblock bf started his intensive search on internet and was even more stress when his gf show him this marvelous overseas proposal

This proposal is every woman's dream and every man's night mare hahaha. Spoil market hor!

But girls sometimes you must stress the guys a bit. Well at least they will come to senses that they need to put in some effort for ya. Hmm think about this, this is really once in a life time and you will really hope that when you break the news to ur frens... everyone will be like equally as excited as you are. I think guys who happen to chance my blog might strangle me for psychoing ur gfs for ya-ya over proposals BUT I can tell you if my wood block(aka not so romantic) bf can do it, dun be lazy and excuse yourself and say things like my gf prefers it simple and cost saving. BULLSHIT dun you noe girls are creatures who are 'Kou Shi Xin Fei' ma? if you still haven grasp that, I fear for your life as you might be threading on the edge of a CHAINSAW muaahahaha.

ok I'm drifting away from my proposal story:

Well qi asked me out on a dinner date with her at marina square. So after dinner she suddenly wants to visit the laserworks show at Suntec city which she exclaim that she has not seen it before (which i suspect she is telling the truth and you will know why later). So she started draggin me (who happened to be sick) towards the fountain of wealth but alas she was so excited that she walk so fast until i cant catch up with her. haha The best was she did bring me to the fountain of wealth but she went to the top level (see that's why I say she really never seen the show before) instead of the bottom level where you can see the laser show. It was only after some time den I realise she was babbling about the laser show so I told her it is the wrong floor and almost fainted because I was practically chasing after her up the stairs and realise it was the wrong place.(sometimes qi is really cute and more blur den me so I luv being around her)

So she started looking pretty flustered, panicking and ran down the stairs again. Finally we manage to catch the laser work show which qi again amazingly started taking out her video cam to film the laser works. I was like wow she looks like some tourist who TRULY NEVER SEEN laser work shows before (but then deep inside I have a hunch she is a weirdo today).

What happens next was a sweet and surprise dedication from Vitor and he came running out from hiding area (inside the DJ booth) and tada propose!

FOr the visual details ... well just watch the video :

Like I say I luv qi! The video capture allows me to have the the first chance at editing of video and I'm proud of my work!!! Funny to say many pple's first rxn, esp the guys was 'wah laser work proposal must been a big hole in the pocket' .... lol let me announce the price to everyone : IT"S FREE OF CHARGE!! Yesss! FREE you din hear me wrongly! Suntec city provides free service for dedication! . Guys pls brush up on your knowledge and you can do this for ur gf's bdae or anniversary etc.... So this is a very smart idea which Vitor had came up with and 2 thumbs up for him!!!

Sad to say the resolution wasn't clear enuff to capture our tears etc etc. So far I did a survey, many galfrens tear when their bf propose as this is really a touching moment since you are so happy and lost for words. Even Vitor told me that he was so touched by himself that he almost tear (isn't that cute? but sorry guys he is my teddy bear you are not allow to touch him even tho he is cute). BUT the fabulous part was not it, when we went to his house, he has a second part of the surprise awaiting for me! he filled up his room's ceiling with so many balloons and there was a sweet certificate placed and tied up nicely on the table which we need to sign to signify the day of the proposal!(copy my idea tho, I once gave him a cert during our first month anniversary, but he is really good at copying ideas lol)

Thank you so much my dear for giving me such a wonderful memory!

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