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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More pictures from Mandai Orchid Garden

Finally gotten my hands on my digital camera. For those who are interested in solemnising at Mandai Orchid Garden(MOG). You are in for a good eye candy because I have done a pretty intensive photoshoot of MOG(but if you are holding banquet there I'm sorry I left out the hall areas so these may not be so 'helpful' to you). If you are planning on a photoshoot there, the pictures are the angles which I found that is really pretty so you might want to take into consideration =)

The water garden cum Piazzo. The previous blog entries may not have shown a good link between the stairs and the hut where the solemnising ceremony will be held, so this is a good overview!

The reception table and the reception area where our guests can mingle around at. I'm planning to place some cookies and perhaps chocs on the tables so our guests can snack a little.

Inside the Vanilla Pod Restaurant where you can see that Vitor is actually very please with the interior air-con lol. Like I mentioned if you looked closely the restaurant is almost all glass so our guests can dine with a good view.
The following are some scenic views of the garden which I have captured and circle them out as nice potential photo-taking spot!

This is not a small river, but a very small drain, see I am not a bad photographer right ahem got potential hor for first timer muahahah. The 'bridge' is actual just drain cover =P
The couple can stand in the background so the orchids appears as a nice circular like frame =)

Don't ask me why he likes scaring orchids =( esp when they are so gorgeous
Couples can sit on the bench with their backs being capture how nice!!!
Doesn't this looks like a bench which an old couple will sit on and grow on it. I suggest a backview and front view capture and combine into one collage page should be quite a warm and cosy picture.
Ok this one is for model shot since I thought the tree structure was pretty unique with the vines running etc.
Ok that's all for this picturesque post

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