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Friday, March 6, 2009

Great thanks for the support and concern

Although it's gonna take me sometime to get over the event, I am thankful to all my colleagues, friends and families who have been showing great concern for me. Don't worry I be up and soon on track by Monday at work. However, please do forgive me if I lack the lustre to smile for a short period but I am sure I will be strong and smiling for everyone soon.

Now after so much sleepng therapy, my anger for the driver has gradually subsided. I can't forgive him totally but some friend and family express that the driver might have something important which sets him in speeding on such a road. Furthermore, the driver would most likely be prosecuted by the police with a removal of licence etc so i guess for a while everyone will be safe. I just wish i can hear the driver apologising to me face to face so that it will be easier for me to forgive him quickly esp if he REALLY does have something emergency gonig on back then.

Actually, my bro and insurance agent advice me to sue him which I agree totally on Thursday night when my traumatic feelings were still fresh. However, as time passes by, I think I am going to be more open hearted and not put the crazy driver through hell by going for civil law suit. But I do hope that I can talk to him face to face and asked him to reflect upon what he has done esp dire consequences when students get knocked down instead of adults. He will never be able to compensate for the loss of the life of the child of another parent.

I am glad that I was the one who got hit and not the students because it might have gotten the parents very upset and cast a shadow in a young teenager's life. For me as an adult, even though I have fear for crossing the roads now and still tear from time to time when i recall that particular moment, I feel that I will be able to recover faster mentally compared to a teenager. After all god has been kind to let the wheels stopped in time before I got run over under the wheels and become just a messy puddle of flesh and bones (shudder).

Now I just want to put the past behind me and try to continue on with life. It seems strange that no matter how much I understand the vulnerability of life, I wasn't able to let go of my life at that very moment as I know I will miss many love ones around me - woodblock , families, friends and my kids.

This now makes me determine to pursue my passion once the time is ripe =) I want to have to have no regrets in life after all.

So dear friends, have you started thinking of what you like to do today? If you haven't, I suggest that you better start thinking=)

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