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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lucky winner of TOTO

Dear friends, please do not be worried about me as I realise that many pple including my family thought that after the car accident I will be bandage here and there. So to put you guys at ease, my injury is not so serious to the point of bandaging even though i must admit that internally my thighs and ankle is still in pain which is strange because form the exterior it looks perfectly alright. I will be going back to work on Monday and this proves that I am ready get back on track in life soon. Please don't imagine too much like my granny who happens to have the same creative genes as me.

The only thing I can conclude I AM A VERY LUCKY VICTIM of a CAR ACCIDENT because usually when we can hit head on the injuries are much more dire. OS to escape with abrasions and bruises is the most luckiest TOTO I have won this yr (actually i didn't have time to buy any TOTO so obviously I will never get to win) =) So please just smile and relax.

Great news, I finally tried crossing the road again this morning and am glad that woodblock's training is good cos I can cross the road with more confidence now.

Please don't ever ask me what is the carplate of the driver in order to buy 4D cos I know nuts about the driver's details let alone the car plate number. =P So don't be greedy.

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