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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A clearing cloud

As things seems frustrating and gloomy, the clouds has finally clear the sky for me with regards to the wedding.

My father called me up suddenly few days ago while I was at work and told me that they are fine with any dates(which was a big relief) and they(my brothers and him) will help me with the banquet. There isn't a need for dowry money etc?!

Actually this wasn't what I exactly expected because my father misunderstood me in terms of money. I was deeply touched by their gesture and offer but what I was frustrated with was the dates not the money. Sigh I have already decided to wash my hands off the matter and let woodblock do the talking with the parents as there's no point for me to say too much =) I appreciate very much with what I have now esp when I just had a close brush with death.

It's exciting to have a vintage wedding and I forgot to mention that my WG will not be an MTM in the end as I found something suitable OTR itself. A mermaid dress with lace that from a first look, it totally was those western vintage kind of dress =) Somehow, the mermaid dress cutting suits me very well and it was a bonus that it had that kind of western vintage design which was pretty elegant! (Ah li and me fell in love with it at first sight and totally agree that it fits the heme that I want very well).

Another great reason will be that in order to have FULL LACE for your mtm gowns, bliss bridal or most bridal shop will asked you to top up 500 bucks as french lace is very expensive. So why spend more when there's a ready one? So for now I am going to MTM my EG that's all. I will showcase the inspirational designs hopefully in the next entry?

Anyway I will also need to consider the extra other 4 gowns to wear for the photoshoot(very ma fan haiz). Now it's time to go full stream to do research for wedding gowns!

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