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Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Banquet Venue has been decided =)

Yesterday, we went down to The New Paper Wedding Planner 2009. I was a pretty interesting trip down to recce out the prices and get to know more about what various hotels and restaurants are offering for banquets.

In fact, there was a competition going on when we were around. There were 10 couples up competing each other and one of the item was to get the groom to guess who is bride is by touching the hands of the brides.

Boy sounds interesting? Then you are insensitive to the subject MATHEMATICS:

One groom touch hands of 10 brides ==> 10 touches
10 groom touch hands of 10 brides each => 100 touches

The whole compeition which is suppose to be interesting at first to woodblock and me, gradually died down as we yawn over the million ages which the compeition is gonna take to finish. In fact, we even had time to go shopping and coming back to find that the compeition is still on going =(

Even the brides doesn't look very excited after sitting there for so long. I think mabbe they should revise and replace the game with more diff type of short but exciting games to keep the crowd there =)
However, that doesn't dampen our mood while we went to kpo, spy and poke our nose around at the various stores =)

Look at all the info we have manage to SNIFF OUT! Yummilicious muahahaha=P

Content look on woodblock's face with our info gathering mission trip.

Soon we settle down to Bakerzin to grab some snacks and most importantly sit down to discuss about our choice for banquet.

Woodblock saw this and decided to order one macaron to try..... but unknown to the country bumpkin (shake head)...

the macaron is suppose to be a cookie size and woodblock was terribly shock when it arrived in a small plate :

Imagine how pathetic to woodblock the macaron looked because even on the SMALL plate, it still appear tiny lol

An upset woodblock for food == his meaning to life

But never mind cos he ordered some coffee too =) so life is still not the end of the world for our little happy woodblock but unknown to me he had actually order....

Macchiato !

Well apparently, looking at the ratio of woodblock's hands to the size of the cup we know it is not very big either. (But from an optimistic view, the size was very compatible and makes it feel like a set in an ironic way)

Poor woodblock trying to stir the Macchiato and at the same time pondering what has life become for him.
Thank goodness all is not loss becoz he has married a very smart wife who ordered something of substancial size so that he can share a few bites with =)

TIRAMISU! (I dun understand that why is it that after the pic has been uploaded, the orientation always turn out diff.. sigh)

Soon we sat down to SCRUTINISE the packages and to be honest we were really attracted to the package and decor theme offered by Holiday Inn Park View !

There was a $1000 discount if you sign their package on the spot and what's more, since their crystal ballroom is undergoing reno, we can ctually be using a brand new ballroom.

After our discussion and decision, we went back to the Wedding Show to look for Hong and Marvin. Yep both of them are also getting hitch in Nov so what we did was to leave each other some space so that both sides have some space to discuss between the partners on the ideal budget and venue to hold the wedding and avoid any similar stuff to happen like the movie Bride Wars jus kidding! Well I am not so afraid about having similar banquets but I feel that banquet involves lots of money so a diff budget may mean very diff venue for both couples so it can be stressing for the guys(who has o pay the bulk of the cost) to discuss together.

Trying to help Hong and Marvin capture some 'memories' on their process of planning their wedding. Very extra of me to kpo and snap their pics from behind.

Finally after both couples has talked to the various vendors individually, we sat down at White Dog Cafe to share the loot(info) that we have found. It was very exciting to hear that Hong and Marvin were interested in the Amara Resort Wedding becos everytime I saw the glass house in the magazine pic, I almost drool by the classic beauty of it! Therefore, it will be great to witness her solemnization there! But that we have to recce out the venue in the next coming Sat =)

I hope I can be of help to Hong's wedding as I understand how stressful it can be for her to plan everything on one day. However, right now before the couple settles on the venue I can't step in much except to provide her with the comments that I geniunely felt will be best for her likings. I am so excited about her wedding dinner as that will be her dream part of the wedding!

Hawaiian Pork Chop
Another food memory for woodblock to help him rem what he had eaten before in his life so that he will have less regrets when he grow old.

Of cos mine was way much then woodblock's food option again. He complained that the sauce was sour and not to his liking and he love my Mango Chicken.

Sad to say, when we went home, woodblock's dad didn't really like our wedding lunch idea. So we set it on Wedding Dinner on Thurs instead as the weekend slots are book for the dates we want.
BUT on the next day, dad-in-law changes his mind again and wans it on Sunday together with tea ceremony and makes it a Wedding lunch again.
But half an hour later he change his mind again and insist on dinnereven if it falls on Sunday. SIGH headache sia to cater to his fickle mindedness. In the end, woodblock and me have to research all over again and we decided that perhaps we just have an oriental theme(very safe definitely will suit the parents). So we came up with 2 venues:
1) Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant at UOB plaza
2) Grand Shanghai at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
We went down to Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant at UOB plaza and love the restaurant's ambience! There is a special 20 pax table to be used as the VIP table.
However I anticipated problems when I was told that the reception, champane pouring and cake cutting have to be on the 38th floor before the dinner as there was no stage area in the restuarant for the ceremony to be held in such a way that everyone could looked at it together. So imagine if you have to stand there for like 1.5 hours => even as a youngster I felt a little turn off by it even though the reception area is very pretty(sigh). Considering the guest's comfort, even though the price was very attractive, I wasn't very keen on the choice after considering so many problems.
Next, we made a trip down to Grand Shanghai. As I wasn't feeling well I din take any pics for the trip out =(
To be honest, I fell in love with the place once I witness an ongoing wedding there. But The only prob with this place is that THERE IS ONLY ONE THEME. Meaning either you love or hate it if you can't accept the oriental theme. But thank goodness for our case, it was what we have been looking for => very chinese so that parents can't complain about it. Another set back will be the lack of LCD screen so if u need to screen any video montage =>extra cost on your own.
But of cos there are plus sides to this place such as music bands to provide entertainment to your guests etc. As the venue is pretty hot, we are REALLY VERY VERY lucky that another couple change their banquet date leaving 22nd Nov 2009 available to us! So we quickly chop the date first as it was ideal to have it on the night of the tea ceremony date. Crazy as it seems but we really have an affinity with 22nd Nov(our ROM date) and now even for our tea ceremony it is the exact same date again!
Shall elaborate the many thumbs up on the choice of Grand Shanghai that entice us to choose it next time as my health seems to be tolling away as I felt giddy and nauseous all day =( Sigh it really sucks that I have to settle the banquet stuff when I dun feel well, worsen my condition and need to see a doc badly tmr morn when the clinic opens=( But at least it will be sweet dreams tonight for a romantic Shanghai Night Dream!

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