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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dying for Banquets?

Finally it's time to look into the sourcing of the banquet venue. A big headache for a woman who wants big things at a small price lol sounds auntie isn't it =P

Realise there is this 'THE NEW PAPER WEDDING PLANNER 2009' on this upcoming weekend and woodblock and me swear that we must make a trip down to kpo and take a look around at the $$$. Now note it doesn't mean that by getting a packge at a wedding fair is the best thing. First of all, we know that all bridal shops etc will always have this price ready to be buffer for discount so WHAT's the POINT?

To be honest, I check out my package with the other packages that other brides have signed up for during those fairs, it is surprising that I gotten a relaively better deal than them and I did not sign up at the fair. Reason is simple: I was a pretty unmotivated customer in the bridal shop back then => therefore it took a HUGE effort for the bridal shop pple to convince me to get their package. However, so far for my ROM i can say they provide great service but I do not want to overstate it before my photoshoot and AD itself.

From hotels to restaurants, it was nothing but headache for me to do my research on but it was good to see the flaws of the venues I have initially chosen. Actually have 2 particular venues that have caught my eye so far which I shall not reveal until I feel that I have confirm the venue of choice before I share with everyone.

The first venue is one that has breathtaking views(i swear) and I have been there personally before and I thought it will be a wonderful idea to share it with my guests since they have make a special trip down to the venue.

The second venue is similar to my garden theme again but this time round the interior deco of the venue makes it easy for me to exploit another round of DIY(hopefully of a simpler scale becos I do not want to kill myself for that) which I already have in mind on how to go about with it.

So now finally I only need to confirm the pricing and availability of the 2 choices and I do hope that my in-laws will get back to me soon about the auspicious dates for getting wed =) (i need to get married at the end of the yr if not most likely I have to wait for one WHOLE yr loh becos there's this crazy custom or idea that for couples to get married in the middle of the yr, we find that it is inauspicious and their marriage wun last... sigh nvm) I am so excited about it and hope it does work out to something very romantic and special again with my touches of ideas. I'm so excited and really REALLY hope to get the second venue now.

This reminds me that today when I got back home from work, I was suddenly inspired to look through the details the onset of the preparation of my rom till now and I must admit that I was really quite a power house back then. It seems scary that when a bride to be is so engrossed with her own wedding planning, she can really produced so many crazy things. If I hadn't review the pics, I can't rem how my invites, chocs, lolli deco look like. So glad I have kept this blog for my own review as well at the same time kept a good reference for other DIY brides like me who needs to keep to a strict budget. Felt touched by all the hardwork put in together by my friends, woodblock and of COS ME lah =P Well nothing can be done without a crazy bridezilla chasing everyone to get crazy things done right?

Got to rest and get ready for another day of work =)

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