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Sunday, February 15, 2009

A special Day - Vdae!

Yesterday was a very special day for me indeed. However, don't jump into conclusion that fast as it definitely wasn't because woodblock had plan a big hoo ha nor a tear wrenching vdae celeb or surprise for me. In fact we din celeb vdae at all for the whole weekend.

While I was busy planning the surprise 21st bdae for duckie's sis, it turned out that just a week plus before the bdae event, my fren's bf(M) came up to me to request that I helped him with the planning of a surprise proposal after the party. It was definitely a big headache for me esp when it is a last minute notice. Planning may seem easy for a proposal, the right place, the right roses, the right ring and the right man blah blah BUT hey this is one of my sister fren that we are talking about here and I definitely want it to be good enough for her.

After I gotten the panicky M to recall of a special place which will be significant to the both of them, the venue was finally fixed to be on the most southern island near Palawan beach. Sounds easy isn't it, but how to get the highly intelligence duck there without suspecting anything?? Well credits goes to woodblock because he actually came up a a genius suggestion! Get duckie to help out with the execution of the proposal of chickie(another sister fren of mine). So poor chickie's bf was innocently being drag into this by us to pretend to be making his proposal on vdae.

Reason why this was a good idea:
1) It is too obvious and too dumb to bring here there out of the blue
2) I am bad with geographic locations and it feels totally great to have duckie to bring me to the place where she will be proposed to.
3) It's good to keep duckie occupied with how to trick chickie(even tho she knew about everything in the first place) to our destination.

So there, I started to execute out this plan by informing chickie and her bf beforehand and finally duckie about the fake proposal. The only person I forgotten to inform was M. It was hilarious when M called m up in a fluster to asked me if it was true that chickie's bf was proposing on the same day as him?!? I really laughed out loud and told him 'I can't believe you actually believe in this nonsense when you are te one who started the nonsense!' There M realise it was lie to help him as a cover for his proposal and he was very impressed and keep saying 'really lihai leh'!

So from there I will have to make many calls in order to keep everyone in track of the whole script and the lines that they will be telling each other leading up to the event. It can sometimes be a little confusing esp when the lies seems to be of so many layers. I will always give chickie a call first before duckie so that she will not be too shock like M if there is some new grandmother story make up by me to asked Hong to tell chickie. There was once, woodblock was speaking to me while I was talking to duckie and to be honest I was a little blank out as I cant rem who I am talking to and was it the truth or a lie that I was suppose to be telling.(making calls consecutively always make me confuse whether I am speaking to chickie or duckie)

However, everything was also fun too because we can all be sitting together in one place and all of us even the female lead, duckie herself is trying to come up with lies to tell chickie. To be honest, while the conversation was on, I felt suppress with laughter as it was hilarious as all of us were trying our best to say something to lead the conversation to the final destination of sentosa.

On the day of the proposal, I think the plan was really successful as whle we get duckie to read the msg on the 'behalf' of chickie's bf for chickie, she was so engross with the msg that she hadnt had time to realise that she is reading a message dedicated to herself. Boy, chickie and her bf did a great job with the acting because when chickie's bf came up, he really have the look like he was going to propose to her while chickie acts touch and surprise lol. So duckie continue on to read the final msg with realising M has walk up and standing beside her (cant blame duckie becos she has night blindness and it is a great challenge to read in the dark under the light of the hp). And after that, everything just fell into place for her finally and to be honest I was very touch by the whole scene. Everyone was helf speechless as the female lead and male lead engage in a long embrace. Even though they said nothing, the moment was overwhelming and I can really feel how happy and touched duckie was then. I almost teared and understand perfectly how they felt for it was similar to the experience I had when woodblock propose.

It was during that very moment I was so glad that M let chickie and me be part of the planning of the proposal as nothing was as important as being able to witness your best fren's special moment. I do hope after the proposal, duckie will enjoy the last 2 surprises plan for her by M - a romantic dinner and ..... well it shall be kept confidential except to the parties who were involve in the execution of the proposal.

Kudos to M who really took pains to listen to my naggings during the proposal planning as it can be difficult to plan something if the male lead has not place great trust and confidence with the advice and planning.

I hope duckie will not be blaming me for lying to her all this while and I promise I won't do it again unless there's a request for asking me to plan a event which involves her again.

Finally, congratulations to the newly engaged couple and pls dont get married faster then me. I need a good and pretty jie mei for my tea ceremony and banquet lol. But after my wedding do get married soon so I have 2 less ang pows to issue to.

Yes I am indeed a demanding and stingy friend. Jus Kiddin.

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