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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sick =(

This had not been a real great yr to start of with as Woodblock and me fell sick one after another. Gotten a stomach flu and it was terrible to get stuck at home doing nothing except to the loo and watching tv. Cant even play any scrabble games as I get dizzy real easily. Glad that during the evenings, I manage to get some breather as woodblock brought me out for a walk at the nearest supermarket which we got home very quickly too as my energy just wasnt there. However, I am gonna recharge myself and there will be many things awaiting for me to be done this coming yr.

However, I am not goin to neglect my life either for my work. Woodblock and me will be crossing our fingers and hoping to bring our wedding banquet forward from next yr June to hopefully December this yr. Woodblock has promise me to research on the banquet venues so I wouldn't need to worry about it (which I cross my fingers for that) if we cant find a good deal, then we will have it next June so that it will not drag for too long.

For this coming June, I will be printing out all the photos for my guests book and make a great scrap book for it! HOefully my trip overseas to Thailand for work will not take up too much time and let me have some lone time with my love - craft work.

Now I hope woodblock will recover soon from his fever, miss his fun and laughter in cheering me up esp during Sundays.

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