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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet Wrapper General Layout

Since Cyn has asked me about the layout of the sweet wrapper, i thought mabbe if my description isn't clear about the orientation, mabbe picture will help me illustrate what i was talking about.

The drawing I have attached is a quick slipshod work(because I pretty busy with work lately =P) but that is not important since the most important one will be the orientation of the words. So if you do not want the hassle to figure them out: you can just use my orientation directly.
Another thing to note is to buffer for extra length at one of the edge to let the wrapper overlap for pasting. Finally use a small thin white line at each edge so that it will let you know where to fold and this will make work much more efficient. If there is anything which I am not clear do let me know, I try my best to reply asap. Anyway hope you will be a happy bride =)

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