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Monday, December 29, 2008

Our mini Honeymoon trip to Vietnam trip - Day 02

After we reached the hotel to rest, it was pretty dark and we can hardly see much from our balcony.

However, surprise awaits us to a magical morning at Halong Bay! Imagine the sight that behold us as we woke up early next morning.

Breathe taking!

The sunrise was absolutely romantic and woodblock and me have a great time sharing this moment together.


If you have no idea what I mean by waking up to amazement,you can check out how close my bed was actually near the balcont in full view of the vast sea!

Soon woodbock got himself doll up .....

And ready for the adventures that will come for the day.

For me, I cant help but took a number of shots with the great scenery before setting off.

After breakfast, we arrive at the dock.

We soon found ourself on the double storey JUnk Boat, feeling very excited!

The scenery just before we set off.

It was a great weather for boating! The sky was so blue and the weather felt cool, allowing us to fully enjoy the trip out to the sea with ease.
However, during the mid day, the sun was still a little hot =( So woodblock and me hide under the shaded deck from time to time.

Took a model shot of woodblock - aren't my skills not bad? Anyway for al the pics i post, i did not photoshop any of them.

Halong bay was like a mini Gui lin and I love the fact that the junk boat have this open section where you can sit down and feel close to the water. The following are more shots of us at Halong bay.

The stones are suppose to resemble 2 fighting cocks. But personally i dont really much agree.

Posing with the name of our junk boat.

Anywayour junk soon dock at some kelong and it is my first time visitng one. The fishes are awfully huge that it freaks me out. However woodblock and i din buy any seafood as we din wanna risk tummy ache in case our stomach isnt strong enuff for it.

See the hammock at the back? The fishermen really knows how to enjoy life!

Next stop, we arrive at some cave. There the junk boat cant go in and we made our way up by foot.

Somewhere in the cave, woodblock exclaim that the place looks like as though we are on the moon. So we started prancing around with the little girl from our tour group.

After climbing we reached the top of the cave and we were invited by the view of the lake from above.

Yay a shot to mark our achievement!

From the top here, we can see this popular landmark which resembles the feet of a little girl.
After this cave, the tour guide brought us to another landmark. This time round, it drove us nuts!!!! Why?!?! because it is almost 10 storeys tall and the steps were narrow and steep =( By the time we make it up, we were all huffing and puffing like crazy. However, it was an achievement to make it to the top in a short while and it was under the encouragement and company of a Primary 5 boy (mind youhe doesnt look like a pri five student but a secondary school student). He is very mature and cheerful person who stopped to wait for me from time to time before he continue his climb up each corner. At the same time he was very doting on his little sis and play with her throughout the journey(reminds me greatly of the time when I play with my brothers when I was young)

Our truimphant smile at the top of the hill!

After we came down, we took a shot with our tour mates. See how vibrant the little girl is! I was so happy that we have kids in the tour group because when woodblock doze off like an old man, I had great company playing games with me =)
I shall post the rest of the another day as uploading so many pics at one time really kills my patience at times =)

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