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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trivias about Vitor and Christine

This trivia thingy was suggested and done by Hong on our wedding to help the guests get to know us better =) very nice details. The following lines are actually in their raw forms before she edited tho =)

Trivias about Vitor and Christine

Do you know that.....?

1) When Vitor gave his first bouquet of flowers to Christine, he pretend that he have a diarrhoea so that he can go to get the flowers secretly.

2) Christine was so impatient with Vitor for asking her to be his steady until she asked him ‘Are you in love with me?’ herself over the phone.

3) Vitor and Christine went to the same secondary school, junior college and university.

4) Christine’s mom and Vitor’s aunt used to live in the same kampong.

5) By Tomorrow, Vitor and Christine would have dated for 4yrs and 6 months anniversary (this is if you have read it on 22nd November)

6) Christine only know realise that Vitor is in her tutorial class after half a year later.

7) Christine still can’t remember Vitor's house number up till this very day.

8) Vitor and Christine eat alot when they get stressed up.

9) The song that Vitor use to propose to Christine is “Nothing’s gonna change my love for you”.

10) Christine calls Vitor a woodblock.

11) Vitor and Christine each gained about 3 kg after they dated.

12) Before they dated, when Christine companied Vitor to the job agency, he lied that he was 2cm taller.

13) Vitor was first attracted to Christine when he looked at her back view while she attempts tutorial questions on the whiteboard in class.

14) Vitor came up with an excuse that there was no pasar malam in Ang Mo Kio and asked Christine to company him to go to the pasar malam in Sengkang so that he can look for her up.

15) Christine tried to create opportunities for Vitor by bringing him walk around the Punggol park but ended being fed by mosquitoes instead because he was too shy to say anything.
The best thing which Christine likes about Vitor is that he is very thoughtful.

17) The best thing which Vitor likes about Christine is that she talks a lot so that he can listen to her nonsense like a radio.

18) Vitor and Christine like to visit the lantern festival in the Chinese Garden so much that they almost visit it every year together.

19) Vitor and Christine only ride on double bike whenever they go cycling.

20) Vitor and Christine made a pact that they will celebrate their anniversary by the Singapore River Merlion when they reach 80 years old.

21) Vitor will always sing Christine one of the Jay Chou's love song – ‘Xin Qing’ whenever he walks her home from the MRT station to her house.

22) Vitor and Christine's favourite dessert is the Apple Crumble with ice-cream on a hot plate from Swenson.

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