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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Poolside Wedding Deco Ideas

The other time Rachael told me in the email that she will be holding her wedding by the poolside. So today I happened to have time and started to surf around for relevent ideas for a poolside wedding decors for those dinner timing (ie night time).
Of cos when we first heard of night events, many of us should know clearly that there is one very essential decor - lightings!
Now many brides will wan to have floating candles in the pool to light it up but unfortunately there are many hotels which i foresee will not allow them unless you have book the whole venue to yourself which might not be the real case for roms.
But this doesnt mean we cant have any lights at all. Now let me share with what I might do in such events.
One simple way is to create simple candle centerpiece which may use to line along the pool sides or even the reception or even the dining areas.
Materials are simple:
You will need a mirror base (IKEA stores or art fren)
Some crystal or transparent pepples or stones (local florist stores)
Tall glass containers
Floating Candles
Just simply put them together and you will get something similar to the one below

Of cos, we do not stop here. Do position plenty of tealight candles around and if you are afraid of the wind, you can either get the standard glass candle holder or if you can manage to get ome fanciful paper(esp if you are on a budget wedding) you may also do this: Create your very own luminarias!
Just simply place your tea candles into paperbags.
The thing which you need to look out for is to place some weights at the bottom paper bag to weigh it down and you wont want your paper bag to catch fire easily tooo=) There are many ways we can vary this design eg the colour, the paper print, the shape (who says it must be squarish?) and you can even add your own monograms to it if you like =) Finally just line this along the walkway or aisle and light up the hearts to your guests.
If your hotel happens to have those hut with wooden beams - do consider hanging crystals amidst hanging candle votives - voila : Dreamy and gorgeuos setting =)

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