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Friday, March 20, 2009

Woo a crazy cool moneybox

I would like to say big thank you to the BTBs who have been reading the blog esp when it comes to valuable suggestions. I notice that weeks ago, Danice(which I suppose it a BTB) posted an url on my tagboard and voila, after pening up the page I fell in love with the suggestions she has offered me.

I have already email in to enquire about the rental of the following bird cage as the ang paos box. Even though I understand that the capacity of this cage is low, but the main purpose of it is definitely for squeezing the approx 200 angpaos (since we are expecting 250 guests) but mainly for photography purpose on the AD itself. You will really want to provide the AD photographer with some little details and things to take pics of right?

Here are the gorgeous pics of the cage that I have fell in love with. Pictures are extracted from the company's webby and the cage that I love is call "My Love Goes Round and Round"

It even has silk pink or red roses +some bling bling(depending on the theme that you want) to decorate and enhance the cage. But somehow I din like the colour of the dry grass at the bottom, it looks kinda of restless. For me I might consider replacing the green colour grass with some other colour which helps to enhance the colour of the silk roses.

Well if you like, I suggest we can put our own ornament in if the couple have their own mascot or symbol of love that they want to share with the guests.

I'm drooling from the idea of the bird cage rental which is 15 bucks! I must have it! I wish the cage comes in black though=) but then never mind it is already perfect for the wedding. Then maybe you guys will be pondering how about the rest of the angpaos then? Don't worry Grand Shanghai has a big Glass container that looks like for containing biscuits in the olden days. They usually offers the couples to use it as their ang pao box during the dinner =)
Anyway I'm now looking for cd albums to fit in with the Shanghai theme. Even though Grand Shanghai has their own cds, I prefer to comile the musics myself as I feel that it is really important for setting the tone for how I would like to bring out the Shanghai feel to my guests. I don't like the straight oldies as I want it to sound naughty and fun too!
Read up from the bridal forum there is this album call "Shanghai Jazz" but when I went down to Hereens, it has been sold out! Love the songs from the album after listening to the demos online. I shall continue on with my search to give the best for the guests in terms of audio!
Here is the link for you to download their demos from the official website.
Looks like I will need to rope in Qi for her precious help on the compilation of musics soon =) Cant tell you how much she has done a great job with the music selection for my rom!

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