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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oriental Bedsheet - Shanghai Style!

guess what, we have finally bought the Wedding Bedsheets! Nope it is not:
1) Cute western wedding cartoon bedsheets
2) Cute traditional wedding cartoon bedsheets
3) Traditional Dragon and Phoenix bedsheets
4) Plain pink nor red bedsheets

Then what is something so powerful that make Princess Christine and her royal subject, woodblock came upon such an immense impulse to buy the bedsheets early?

Remember our wedding theme is Shanghai Theme!
From GDL

From GDL

Presenting the RED SHANGHAI Bedsheets!

From GDL

wow look at those emboidery and even little detailing like sequins etc classy, silky material! the set contains quilt cover + 2 pillow case. thank goodness i have new matching bolster casing and fitted sheet at home that i have yet to use (just nice whew)

Oh dear but with such crazy description above, it must be expensive to the CORE!!!

From GDL

I bought this from spotlight and guess what/ Spotlight is having a promotion now! By signing up with them as membership (which btw is COMPLETELY FREE. YESHHH FREEEEE!!!!) you are given a 10 bucks voucher which can be use as long as you spend 40 bucks and above ... so this means that this gorgeous shanghai inspire bedsheet now cost 70 bucks!!!! YAY ANOTHER WONDERFUL buy which Princess Christine is so happy about!!!

As I mentioned, I would like to have pink organza curtains to be put up during the wedding, so we bought these too!
From GDL

I'm so looking forward to my ANG Chuang day so that i can put up my very chio shanghai bedsheet!!!

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