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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RED alert to hokkien brides

Yeshh it's been ages since i have written any blog post BUT it only makes me even want to write more especially because there are just too many updates and happenings to record. I know i mention that i wont be writing soon BUT this is like an emergency because we know that SALES AND DISCOUNT PERIOD wont wait for pple.

FIRST thing i need to mention badly is that if you are a hokkien bride like me and if you pals need to buy the pig trotter cans as part of your Guo Da Li, then now is the best time to start stocking up the pig trotter cans as they are now on sale due to the seventh month =) The usual price for a can of pig trotter is about $3.90 so now it is selling at $3.35.

It mays sounds little but for us we need to get the whole 96 cans of them (@_@) !!!

From GDL

So here's the smart HOUSEWIFE savings :
Original expected expenditure: 96 x $3.90 = $374.40
Actual Expenditure after discount: 96 x $3.35 = $321.60
Total Savings : $52.80 (WHOPPEE!!!)

I even check out a bride's blog which mentioned that last yr during november the price of the narcissus pig trotter can was like $4.95/can ?!?!! and $3.90 was like already a sale price! So NOW $3.35 hmm sounds likes a good bargain! maybe next time the price will go down further hahaha.

Anyway it was a weird experience going down to the NTUC to buy the whole lot of them and everyone thought we were crazy for swiping off 96 cans off the shelves at one go and was speculating:
1) The pig trotter must be on CRAZY SALES! (Princess Christine: But even that you dont think 2 of us can eat that many right? )
2) We are using them for the seventh month to pray to gods?!? (Princess Christine: CHOI!!! CHOI ChOI! hello gods are almighty and they dont eat so much => this is not a singaporean(what i mean is that i dun think they have a clear nationality up there) god so i dont think they are into buffet like this)
3) We are biz man and biz woman selling pig trotter cans to earn some tidy profit. (oi seriously no matter how you look at us we dont have the biz man and woman look => we look more like office workers or even students seriously. plus biz pple will buy the cans from the wholesaler and not distributor to earn MORE profit!)

Anyway it is weird that how pple can be "trying to whisper" behind your back speculating when I can hear them so ever clearly at a stone throw away.

I was very impressed when an auntie who is finally very brave bacuase once she see us, she asked us with no hesitation(of cos in a friendly manner) "Are you guys getting married?" THAT's the spirit, auntie! Just asked bravely and I will answered forthcomingly. That simple. So if you ever wanna speculate behind pple's back, do it the silent way and not speak it out because it can very (ok maybe confirm plus chop) very irritating to the person whom you are talking about. So this auntie here has a very good learning attitude because she will asked when in doubt and do speculation like us and end up with no conclusion and results.
TADA not bad for a start =) Anyway just a note that there are actually 2 brands of pig trotters which looks freaking similar. One is NARCISSUS brand and the other is GULONG brand. It will be recommended for you to purchase the former one as i heard it is tastier(by all the cokking folks like mommies and even at the forum) and feels more "branded" lol but i shall leave that decision to the hokkien brides.
From GDL

Yummy Mushroom Flavour! Thanks to the help of my sis in laws + mum-in-law, we will be tearing out the white tag on top of the can and replacing them with the chio "Xi" sticker.

Well it makes me wonder why their packaging looks exactly the same though but i did read up somewhere that Gulong was once the manufacturer for Narcissus but somehow their agenda dont meet so there become a separate brand but then again i think it is dumb to copy all the packaging exactly as it is confusing to the BLUR consumers like me who didnt even realise that they are different. Whats the point of creating a new brand with no identity? Anyway, for the Chinese we are into the quality of food so the tastier pig trotter shall triumph!

PS: Just a side note other hidden expenditure: the Chinese character "xi" stickers can be bought at $0.80 for a pack of 9 which is also generally cheaper then some shops selling at $1.20.

Agenda for this weekend:

- View the wedding photo layout(soft copy) at Bridal Shop, hope fully can use the image for my wedding cards soon.

- Collect Wedding Cards from Grand Shanghai

- Logo design (oriental style with Ah li's help) => hopefully translating them on my GDL cakes so look out for my another DIY project for GDL

- Go down to wedding cake shop to view cakes for GDL(which actually my mum in law already went down to purchase one cake for us to sample at home => cheap and yummy ($5) will update about this more next time)

- Go to Chinatown to purchase more "xi" stickers (i have a hunch that my efficient mum in law may purchase that before i do though)

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