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Monday, May 3, 2010

Princess Christine and the High Flyer Club

Now as royalties, it is a must to indulge ourselves in high flying activities.

It was really irritating to see the horrors on the other 3 princesses' face when i suggested my idea of a noon of indulgence in high flying activity together when they preferred to sit down in a more air conditioned place to chill out.

Therefore to prove my point about the royal indulgence of my high flying club is I deliberately recorded down details of my another yet royal adventures!

Of cos how can it be a club without a member in?
My first and only VIP member for the moment - Sir Woodblock(he looks like a knight with his sword).
I am of course, the president of the club(duh). My duties were to give light and directions on what to do for my member s . (at least for now)

It was great to find a wonderful green pasture at anchorvale! The sky was incredibly beautiful with colourful kites soaring in the blue sky.

Step 1: Unwrapped the kite from the wrapper.

Step 2: Insert the skeleton stick into kite.

Step 3: Ensure that the club president has plenty of refreshment while she continues to work hard to give instructions to sir woodblock and educate him on how to fly a royal kite.

Step 4: Tie the string onto kite. If you forget the string => you can go "fly kite" on your own. (meaning you can go home and turn in early for bed)

Step 5: Hand the ready kite to the president for poster pics etc for marketing purposes of the club in future.

Just simply luv my kite!! it's so colourful and huge!!!

Step 6: Just start runnning around like crazy and miracle will answer our call with the kite flying(somehow).

Yay see how high our royal kite soar!!!

Other assorted kites...

If you think this chain of kites is far far away... then you are WRONG! it's a chain of mini doraemon kites. Seriously I thought it was really cute!

This kite is super cool - almost felt like it was remote control as the owner is able to fly the kite in a figure of 8 through proper control.

Here's the expert kite flyer

I think this activity is really fun and $$$$ value for money.

For that few hours the expense is almost non except for the cost of the huge kite which cost us about $10 +$3 (for the reel and strings)


Here goes my kite soaring! Hmpf!

The gorgeous high flyer president!

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