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Monday, May 17, 2010

A Typical Nonsensical Sunday

Sundays are a great time especially woodblock and me always make a trip back to Sengkang(where i used to stay in) to visit my granny.

But the bonus deals are the company of all my visiting relatives especially when they bring along all my cute little nieces and nephews!

Therefore it is no wonder my royal kite flying club has grown in troop numbers.

My cousin Calvin is very good at kite flying! It took a very short time to get the kite up on the sky (despite it was semi damage during several previous trips when i bought my little nephew, Cheng Cheng, along. it almost drove woodblock nuts as cheng cheng and him will always be vying for the kite => hence a damage kite)

My cousin calvin also brought along his daughter, Xuan Xuan, for the trip. It was the first kite flying trip of her life and she was really happy when she sees the kite taking off into the sky.

Soon all of us got bored and decided that instead of having so many pple to fly one tiny damage kite, w can go to the 7-11 opposite the buangkok station to purchase more kites!

Cheng Cheng (my cousin, Pearlyn's kid aka my flowerboy if you can recall) has become less shy over the years towards strangers and relatives. These days, he love to play the brotherly role in front of his little sis and his cousin, Xuan Xuan.

Immediately, when they heard about the kite-shopping trip. Cheng cheng quickly went to hold xuan xuan's hand to cross the underpass. Adorable isnt it?

BUT wait did I hear the word "$HOPPING$"???

Xuan xuan is a true WOMAN in the making => when she heard the word shopping, she walked so much faster than Cheng Cheng and he ended up trying to pace himself up to follow her pace lol.

Woodblock trying his luck with the butterfly kite we have. Again, it is no wonder that Cheng Cheng soon join in a battle with woodblock to vy for the butterfly kite. To be honest, it is totally unavoidable because I realise that cheng cheng always ONLY chooses the kite in WOODBLOCK's hand may it be a fabulous one or a lousy one. Yes he has a strong affinity with kids without realising it. In fact, woodblock often gets tease (due to his gentle nature) by the children.

Xuan xuan was engrossed in looking at how Cheng Cheng's dad was trying to untangle the kite strings while her dad is kite flying at the back.

It wasnt really a good idea after she decided to lend a helping hand.

On the other side of the field, my aunt grace and cousin, Mike (did mentioned that I was the one who gave him the name when he was young? I am superb duper sure he cant rem and hope he doesnt ever recall because the name was to be made meaningful with his surname => Mike Neo (Mai Neow). This was suppose to mean "dont be a stinge" in hokkien. It really make me wonder how i have impact all my cousins(esp the guys cos i only have 1 younger female cousin) when we were all young as I am not a particularly constructive person and always asked them to do nonsense.

Recollection down the memory lane with my cousins:
Nonsense 1) I have this craze for princesses and I am a fan of barbie doll when I was young. Therefore whenever all my younger male cousins were back, we will all be playing barbie doll together (ok i sort of force them since they were still in the baby-kid age=> so it was easier for me to "control" their activities.

Nonsense 2) After a while, I soon got a little bored with my barbie doll and wanted "live ones" instead. There I took my male cousins (2-3 yrs old) to the hairdressing table to doll them up with floral head bands etc (i din shouldnt elaborate too much in case they come and read my blog and then konk my head. Hello they are now like 19-20 yrs old and are freakingly much bigger in size in height and width then me and my sir woodblock. I wont be that stupid to step on their tails now.

Nonsense 3) It can be tiring to always herd the rest of the crowd(all my cousins) at once being the eldest available cousin to look after them (my bros are usually out). It can be a nightmare whenever my followers mess up the whole room with playing cards trying to use it as a ninja flying dagger (ok i also started the nonsense by teaching them that but i regretted immediately when i saw the mess everyway). To redeem myself I invented series of minis games to see who can collect the most cards in the shortest time and who can rearrange the cards in numerical order the fastest too. It was a real rocket to a quick pack away.

Nonsense 4) I can still remember about how i made them lie down on the floor to pretend to be corpse once as I felt tired and sleepy. It took them quite a while to realise that the game was pretty boring

Our Guan Gong kite!! It is pretty funny with his beard fluttering in the sky.

I like this angle, both the kite flyer and the kite was in clear view.

Xuan xuan was wondering why i am snapping so many pics of her!

In order to help woodblock out, I quickly got the kids attention to play with some plastic strips (which had fell out from the damaged kite=> making it even more damaged =( )

Soon it was self entertainment. I guess they are practicising to become prisoners of war?

Cheng Cheng to Xuan Xuan: To be a succuessful prisoner of war, we must tie the blind fold tighter!
Xuan Xuan: ~Oblivious~

Cheng Cheng to Xuan Xuan: Please blind fold leh!!!
Xuan Xuan: ~????~

Cheng Cheng to Xuan Xuan: Since we are not prisoner of war pals, let us engage into a war.
Xuan Xuan: ~playing by herself~

That's the main reason why cheng cheng prefers me, woodblock and my other male cousins as playmate, because half the time, his own younger cousins refuse to listen to his instructions!

Xuan xuan giggling and trying to chase after me!

Time to head off home. It was a horror to see the 2 kids running on their own to the traffic light. In the end i still have to invent some nonsense to slow their speed.

The Tu -Tu -Train contingent! Ok I just recycle the 2 plastic strips they were playing with some time ago, but it works well for them.

After dinner, we got bored playing catching with the cheng cheng and it soon caught my attention that cheng cheng said that his little sis , Si yu, is good at clamping things!


Cheng Cheng soon got Siyu to demostrate for us. You can see how serious she tries to pause and demostrates to let us see.


I can clamp slim items between my nose and mouth!! See how impressed and excited the kids were when they saw my special talent!!!

Woodblock didnt want to loose out so he gave his hand at balancing the ping pong balls.

It seems strange me and woodblock are pretty competitive in nature for petty things and I soon got work up and started to balance ping pong balls too.

Not bad bah!

Cheng Cheng insisted a solo handsome pic of his. Si Yu in the meanwhile was stilling trying to clamp things with her chin.

A finale photo! If you think that this pic was capturing a moment of action, you are WROOOOOOOOOOOng! We posted in this position for at least 30 seconds and you can see how all the kids were a little shaking here and there especially Siyu with a high difficulty posture!

I love my nephews and nieces! I wish I have a little kid of my own soon! I should be quite a fun mum to hang out with.

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