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Friday, July 10, 2009

A Dedication to Art Festival

Before I go to take a nice bath before meeting woodblock to go down to the Art Festival held at the National Museum, I thought perhaps I should contribute in some way to the art festival:

My New Wall Decal Painting!

Ops this is only an incomplete draft(notice some strange incomplete leaf at bottom right corner) taken by me when I felt a little bored by the drawing process.

haha finally here's a completed one. Let me see took me almost 3 hours to complete (well an impatient person like was walking around a bit in between painting to rest lol but it's better then not completing it before my date with woodblock =P).
I drew this graphic in pencil on the wall last Monday and I thought i better finish it up quickly. So glad that my wonderful mum in law never ever stops me from vandalsing the wall whenever my crazy FRENZY came up and even went to buy snacks for me to eat *touched*

Here's the overview of my works (2 out of 3) of them so far together as one wal panel.
I'm still not sure whether if this is a complete design though as I feel that the corner seems to lack something plus I need to do more visualisation to see how the wall design will look like when we put up the lcd screen in future which might perpectually block up almost everything. I'm actually thinking of addin some oriental frame to the huge floral next time

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  1. happen to passby your blog. Congrats for your wedding :D. Really impressed by your "frenzy" moment. Very nice art work :D