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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The "H" and the "&" , A DIY logo!

Recently, I visited a wedding blog and what really strikes me was the wedding logo designed and DIY by the bride herself.

Pic Source :
On first look what you may just see will be a classic logo but what really made me go pondering for a long time was whether if it was just a mere coincidence or the brilliance and deliberation by the bride to merge the 2 initials in such a way that it resembles the following 2 type of symbols:

1) "H"
2) "&"

I specially love the very fact these 2 letters came merging together so naturally to form the symbol "&" which sort of gives me a warmth feeling about how natural the 2 couples,
Jaysen & Clare came together. Truly impressed by the meaning enhance with the simple logo.

The curiosity really hurts my brain so bad that I couldn't help but popped the question to the DIY bride, Clare , about whether if she had that in mind.
LOL guess what, nah, I made the WRONG guess =( What she had in mind was option 1, the letter "H" . Even though i m clueless to why the letter "H", I cant helped but indulge in my own beautiful perspection(or misconception) of the logo (ie option 2).

Perhaps it is a

Love made in Heaven?

Holy Matrimony?

or just a simple blissful
Happiness? that the couple is feeling about their feeling being together.
Perhaps, one day Clare will be able to clarify all these doubts for us.
Anyway being a DIY KPO, I couldnt helped but probe Clare further on questions which I know many brides will asked about cos i must have many btbs asking me the same questions with regards to my wedding logo.
1) What is the program that you use to create this logo?
Clare: Powerpoint
BTBs: What that simple? (Princess Christine: yes!!! who ever says DIY is about being super duper complex? it is about your CREATIVITY)

2) What is your secret recipe font that you have use?
Clare: Kunstler Script
BTBs: Huh What's that? (Princess Christine: well if you have no idea what font that is like me. just open up ur ppt and look up for that font in there. )

I wan to thank Clare for her sharing and permission to extract the logo from her webby.

Now for an add on secret recipe for DIY logo btbs. Usually I like to visit this particular webby
to get fonts that i like. Or you need to do is:
1) Idenfity the font u like
2) Download and save the font file
3) Go to "Control panel"
4) Go to "Fonts"
5) Paste the downloaded font file in

Voila your font is ready for use in your MS office programs such as MS words and ppt =)

Some juicy bites that I am looking forward to:
1) Hong's gown fitting on this Sunday morning
2) An upcomng DIY GDL by another wonderful bride
3) My bdae celeb with woodblock
4) Arrival of my foldable seahorse mattress on next Friday

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