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Friday, July 3, 2009

A matching Mattress for my platform

Just when woodblock and me have decided that we will most prolly be getting the memory mattress bed from seahorse, i came across a blog in which the owner has recently bought a seahorse mattress. Through it, I realise that hey the 3 fold healthy mattress can actually be customise!!!!

Now even though the 3 fold mattress has caught my eye earlier on becos i thought how nice a simple foldable mattress like this can go with my platform bed but it has too many negative sides:
- it appears that it is available in perhaps only super single?
- the mattress is too thin for woodblock's cup of tea. he initially wans some particularly superb mattress like those of king koil but i convince him a seahorse one is good enough for a temporary stay. plus a mattress is difficult to transport for its bulky size so i prefer not to get a too expensive one so that my heart won't ache if we have to leave it behind next time.


It is actually flexible and can be customise to our needs!

First it can be customise into queen and king size. Second it can come in all kinds of thickness all according to our likings. In the end we decided to pick the 6.5" one as woodblock doesnt want it to be too thin until the bed covers appear loose on it which i do agree to certain extent. It cost us 370 plus bucks and plus the delivery charges => it came up to 400 bucks.

I guess even though it may not be as comfortable as the memory mattress but the very fact that I can fold it up easily, i will be able to retrieve things easily from under the bed(esp since the mattress is also lighter then the standard 8 inches one) with lesser strength applied.

But the bonus here is that sometimes I can keep the mattress in sofa shape state so that whenever I feel like using the platform space for perhaps casual reading and truly savour and enjoy every "wood tile" space of it rather letting it be just for the mattress to lie on.

I cant wait for the mattress to arrive already in 24th July , 2 days after my bdae! I guess it will be so cool that i am going to snap many pics again of it to share it here in my blog.

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