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Monday, July 13, 2009

UPcoming curtain project and DIY Doily Lantern!

Today another BLUE monday. Not so becos of work but rather I am affected by insomnia last night and plus the fact I ate too MUCH DURIAN => I throw up at night and even up to this very moment I still feel kinda nauseous after each meal. It sux big time esp when i am physically down =(

I am so glad so far I have finish selecting all the pics for my Wedding album and I am now excited to collect the design layout when it is gonna be out in a month's time. I will definitely be taking a pic wif it on camera to share it wif my frens here. So do stay tune in a month's time =)
GUess what, I was very excited that woodblock has agreed for a drilling session for me when i casually mentioned and hinted to him how nice it would be to have certain partitioning like string curtain betwen my platform bed area and my workstation and he readily agreed to it and I wonder if he is trying to please me for my upcoming bdae.
So far we gotten a curtain rod from IKEA but we have yet purchase any string curtains for it cost like 90 bucks for just a mere 3m (exorbitant pricing) so i might need to go down to tanjong katong complex for cheaper deals mentioned in reno forums. Plus i need around only 2m in length so hopefully i can find a good lobang soon. But my only concern is that if i get cheap ones, some are not washable and frill easily=(
so i might be saving up for another few months to get a medium pricing one instead =)

DIY string curtains pics from reno forum.

Fortunately that we have unfortunately (lol hope it is not too confusing for u) bought the wrong type of curtain rod for the string curtains => the usual ones is those curtain tracks but we bought those normal curtain roads instead, for it suddenly occur to me that should I felt bored with string curtains (which gives those modern touch feel), I can alternate it with those translucent curtains which is dreamy and romantic!!
Recently I came across the pic of a rect doily used to make into a PAPER lantern! The overall product is a perfect deco for interesting themes like old english cottage feel garden wedding!!!

Do check out their DIY steps in making this gorgeous lantern @

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