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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Frustrations with uploading pics

Sigh I am totaly upset with the failure of uploading pics in blogspot these days. Even though it says that I have already uploaded the pics, I just couldnt see the pic file appearing at all within the blog post.

Here's a whole big chunk of things that I am planning to share:

- The pictures of the old shophouses at Ann Siang Street and Neil Road (there's a special xi gate that I wanted to share esp)
- Interesting experience dining at a kungfu restaurant
- My newest graffiti in pencil or soon to be wall decal on the main wall in my bedroom
- New inspiration of wall design
- second getaway to city sqaure
- Perhaps my photos from the photoshoot if I manage to get my hands on them this coming Sat

Nooooo..... so much things and yet I cant upload a single pic at all??? It's SO DRIVING ME NUTS!!! Anyone can help me with this? Or shall I just start blogging on multiply or start a new blogspot domain instead? =(


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