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Monday, November 30, 2009

Hongderella and Princess Christine's Hens Party!

While I was browsing and organising the order and flow of what events to blog about, I realise I miss out bloggin about the hen party that Hongderella and Princess Christine had some weeks ago before our big day!

The reason why I had not blog about it was that I fear that many btbs will take it as a misunderstanding that we are promoting the hotel we stayed in which in actual fact wasnt a pleasant stay due to many spoilt facilities which was disappointing for a SUITE (meaning one of the more ATAS room in the whole hotel).

But never mind still, with a great company of sisters and creeping manslaves at our butchering chopper, we had a great time planning out mischieves etc for Hongderella's gatecrashing.

EH WHO is Hongderella? lol i decided as a royalty all my sister friends must also be just princesses from other country so from now on I shall name them under all my disney princess!

Yi Hong => Hongderella (adopted from Cinderella)
Mei Qi => Mei -de - Beauty (adopted from Beauty)
PeiXuan => Snow Xuan (adopted Snow White since Xuan is always so fair)

I know by the time Hong, Qi and Xuan read this blog, they are prolly gonna strangle me for giving them strange exotic names but then again I love their new GLAMOUROUS ROYALTY names!

So let me finally start the chapter of our hen's party for Hongderella and Princess Christine!

As usual when we are on dates, we were usually arrive earlier then Hongderella and M! Woodblock and me make full good use of the time to have fun taking pics at the lobby area while waiting!

Woodblock luvs the chair which fits his big butt comfortably.

More stylo milo shots of woodblock and his fav chair!

Princess Christine couldnt resist a big comfy retro couch when she sees one too! I even dress up to fit the theme of the Hotel!

My wonderful big red fluffy pen which i brought along to write out the nasty gatecrashing plans!

Dont i look like a retro housekeeper with my chic feather duster?

Luv the mirrors!

Woodblock lending me his back for a pose. With the flash light on, it looks almost like a glittering diamond esp when both of us pose in such a manner, it feels like doing an advert for some jewellery shop.

This pic depicts what woodblock's mind is like to me. Twirly and confusing- like but yet on a CLOSER LOOK, it is nothing but just "Dot Dot Dot" (meaning he isnt even thinking at all but day dreaming)

Princess Christine: " Woodblock where the heck are you looking at?" *I hope it is the camera*

Luckily the hotel pple din think we were nuts cos we were practically the only 2 nutcase taking pics like nuts in the lobby.

Love their red light illumination

Another cool pose for woodblock.

Soon both our bride and groom arrived!

Princess Christine to Hongderella : " Oi late liao still so smirked for what!"

Apparently the 3 of them were so anxious to visit the room and walked away so quickly and forgot to wait for me, the ROYAL HIGHNESS #$%$^%&^ => poor attitude!

Princess Christine: " Wait for me!!!!"

Is that Hongderella or Hongrilyn MOnroe at the lift? Talk about Princess Christine being NUTTY => I think Prince Hongderella is no better too in her head.

This way to the SWEET suite please!

Oh no, if you think this is part of the room lol, this is just some random chair and tables outside our suite room. M is always quick to jump for resting areas.

AHEM please look up ok => the sign is clear! The suite is meant for the jiemei's and not the menslaves.

The jiemeis all ready and prep for the night! Seriously it wasnt me who sabotage Hongderella's head.

Princess Christine (whispering): I hope she din think that it was a glamourous head gear meant for the Princesses esp when I use it to sweep around everywhere just a moment ago in the lobby....... =P

The other menslaves were so lazy that they all turn up late for the menslaves's party so poor M and woodblock were stranded together.

Woodblock: " Please I want to be a sister too! Let me stay here just for the night!"

After a visit to their small and misery room, woodblock came running back to out suite holding on to the wall(i told you he is definitely a sucker for comfort) while M came to pretend to drag him back when we all jolly know he luvs being in the SUITE too hahah

Well it is good to start the evil night with a proper dinner so we will have more energy for conjuring up all the gatecrashing ideas.

All the jiemeis and Hongderella looking through the menu.

The food was a little blend for my taste and .....

TOO SMALL EVEN for filling up my tummy!

Just look at M and woodblock, you can see the worse thing that can ever happen to a man which u cant even catch it in soup opera! It was an overwhleming pour of emotions felt with disgust and disappointment. I can almost feel a tear glistening at the corner of woodblock's eye.

We were so hungry that we had to top it up with a dessert.

Finally once we got back to our room and get locked up *grasped*. Hongderella got out her weapons and we started to make paper butterflies!

Hongderella demo-ing how to use her high tech glue spray.

While the manslaves were enjoying their time watching soccer and shaking their bom boms in the their room, we were never like them! We were hardworking carrying out craft duties + progs (which actually mainly is one by Mei-de-beauty on the notebook). Notice she is wearing retro clothes too lol I luv Mei-de-beauty becos she is prolly the only who always entertain me and my crazy ideas!

Elizabeth also wore some rainbow blouse for the retro theme! YAY!

Meijing, were you trying to sneak some smelly feet attackon Hongderella?

Yijun => Hongderella's little sis but who is actual fact freakingly big in size compared to us shorties. She was laughing becos i caught her loafing off eating titbits!

While doing the craft work, i got a little bored and started writing some War declaration letter to our manslaves next door

The bigger size one in the middle is the King of Manslaves => M
The other sisters laugh when i showed the letter to them and thought i make it too scary with the bloody words and tombstone pic but i LUV my MASTERPIECE and thought it was timely for the halloween season back then!

After sending the letter over, we finally sat down seriously to conjure out the gate crashing plans before heading home with woodblock who doesnt wan to squeeze in a room of menslaves in their small room lol. The details of the gatecrash? you will know when Hong's pics and video is out!

PS: We do not recommend having the suite becos many amenities were damaged and it was an unpleasant stay and the only good thing was that we had a very fun company. However, I do not wan to elaborate too much on it since the hotel has made full good compensation for it.

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