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Monday, November 16, 2009

Take a break and Stay tune in December!

Dear BTBs,

I guess it has been a long journey with me and my wedding blog and on the behalf of Hong and Qi, we want to say a BIG thank you for those who have been following us so closely for so long.
Due to this busy period of the wedding, I would like to inform you that to prevent any disapointment, we will be posting all the details of the wedding (tea ceremony plus banquet etc) from pics to videos when we are finally back from our honeymoon in December (so as to save your disapointment and effort during this period while u click on our webby) . So it will a candy treat for all ur eyes I promise.

I am especially touched because my friends has always been complaining about all words and no pics when I first started my very own blog and they hardly read a single word i wrote in a whole chunk of paragraph. However, when i receive loads of emails yesterday, I was so amaze that all our supporter friends has actually been patient to read despite zero pictures. Really appreciate such patience but for a btb who does her research well enough to read through, I have gave detailed accounts on the tips of the candy buffet bar to them =)

Some time ago, while I was working with Hong, she stopped and asked me:
" What are you going to blog once our weddings are over?"

I was pretty taken aback by her question and took time to think over it before I laughed and answered:
" More weddings of cos! "

And yes, I persuaded Hong and Qi who have always amaze me with their capabilities to source for things and to plan perfect and well coordinated programmes, to continue to fulfil our joy for planning weddings, we are going to be a PART time wedding planners from 2010 onwards! We are going to slowly share our expertise with our friends at almost super duper low (or near zero => hence the persuasion) fees (cos it is for passion) and to continue to bring joy not just to ourselves but to our friends around us. Actually even I was persuaded by many friends and some vendors I met to be a wedding planner but i always merely laugh becos to be a proper wedding planner it cannot be a person who is just good with crafts and ideas!

It was only until I became aware of the gift of Qi and Hong during the course of planning the weddings then I realise I have a ready and able team with me long ago!

I was jumping crazily HAPPY when Qi and Hong both gave their consentment =>

(with a nod and saying "I DO")

with this crazy plan i have installed for them. I can never be a wedding planner on my own because I always feel that there are so much elements to a wedding that just one person alone will not suffice to give a perfect wedding. Since I worked so many times with Hong and Qi, I realise we usually work magic together weirdly since we all specialise in different areas.

I guess so many years ago when we were back in Secondary school, it NEVER EVER cross our mind to be doing something in common together(esp u are talking about ladies with very different personalities)... Fate? *SHRUG*

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