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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Post your wishing through VINTAGE MAIL please!

Hiyo BTBS,

yup i m finally back from my honeymoon trip from Hong Kong and as promise I decided to do 2 blog posts at one go to start all the sharing back again.

However, for the banquet, I will need to wait till the PG is ready to pass me back the photos before I can do my sharing. so in the meanwhile, it will be still about the preparations and events from GDL onwards etc and even to my Hong Kong honeymoon trip becos it is so fabulous i really want to share the itinery(plan by woodblock) too!

Now first of all, I want to share the final product of what Ah li has helped me with the mini vintage postcards!

When I saw the finished product, I was like OMG I am so gonna put them into a tile and frame them up as a picture!

The postcards was customise to fit the space of the box frame

When my MIL saw this, the first thing she mentioned was that she hope none of the guests mistook these as souvenir and bring it home becos it is so pretty!

The back of the card contains the oriental logo of me and woodblock and a proper template space to write all the greetings and wishes to us!

Heart Meltz! Luv this to the core!

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  1. Hi, how did you manage to do the mini postcards?