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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Special Feeling

It isnt something weird that I have yet posted a single post at all for the past week. Yes I'm busy but not just with my tea ceremony but most importantly my best friend, Hong's wedding.

Strange as it may seem, but I am utterly stressed up with her wedding, as I am worried that I might not do a great job in just a seemingly short time. However, thanks to Hong's detailed preparation etc all I need to do for the past few days was some finishing touches and to make sure that everything as being put to order in the shortest time.

The reason why her wedding was a rushed was that she and M had planed for something real adventurous lol => Tea ceremony, Solemnisation + Luncheon Banquet all at one go in about half a day. Qi , Xuan and me was worried sick about finishing everything on time. Howver, with Qi's genius coordinating and planning skills, she had put forth the programme so well in terms of details, job dedication etc and something miracle happened! Yes she is freaking good as this, no one beats her.

In the end, everything was done about half an hour earlier then it should be!!! SUPERB isnt it? I am also please with my performance yesterday, for I also finish up all the decos earlier than anticipated except that I am a person who is never satisfied and did a little few fine adjustments after I finish the main ones. The most satisfiying ones was the candy buffet table, where under M's request, I did up a wishing tree like centerpiece for him. He made a great choice for the end product was so beautiful, until the PG stopped and asked me if I done this before or am I working as some sort of decorator. My answer to both questions were a BIG NO.

Anyway the most important thing was that, since i finish up in time, owning the the help of the other jiemeis and xiong dis who helped to replicate what i want under some jiffy instructions, I can happily now witness the solemnisation(initially i was suppose to be upstairs still doing deco). I think I must be too tired by then becos OCC is freaking huge and I must have run barefooted (while carrying my heels) up and down umpteen times (2 storeys!!!).

But all the in the day, everything was so worth it when Hong told me she loves the candy buffet table. I wanted to tell her it is becos her prep work is very detailed and therefore all i need to do is just give some simple finishing touches. However, I do admit that it does make a difference about how we go about arranging the wishing tree branches and beadings becos the xiong dis was so helpful that while I went down for a short few minutes, they put it up themselves => I was a little in shock but cant helped but bring it down and redo the tree. The branches were too enclosed and thus the hanging beads was less outstanding. But I still owe them to helped me do up the rest of the candy buffet according to the picture I have drawn up.

It seems weird but Hong and me anticipated that there will be many leftover candies BUT to my surprise, many guests was snatching it up and doing take aways! I wish the pictures are out soon becos the candy station is really so beautiful and if you btbs are interested, Hong might be offering to rent out the glasswares which includes set up and candies etc since she realise that there is only one shop in singapore offering to do candy buffet station for weddings but yet doesn not have a proper webby to show brides what it really offers. A pity isnt it? It is now so much in fashion to have candy buffet stations but yet Singapore is low in its supplies. SO I guess it's good news that Hong doesnt mind the trouble and wanted to share the lobang with other btbs.

While so many crazy frenzies was going on, I really enjoyed the lunch as I watch Hong and M do their march in. It seems strange, but everytime me and qi see Hong doing her march in from rehearsal till the actual deal, we always tear. It is just something way beyond words that is always caught in our heart to see our best friend getting wed. Initially we were still thinking what a big headache that our weddings are so close and such a rush for us to to plan and prep 2 weddings in a short time (yes our weddings are less then a week apart for those readers who have always been dying to know). However, during Hong's wedding, I turned to woodblock and told him, it was worth it to get married with my best friend at the same time to share all these stress, but yet blissful moment with her.

Yes my 3 best frens, Qi, Hong and Xuan all had a special place in my heart and I truly chreish this friendship very much. In fact all of them had played an important role in my wedding prep so far. Xuan especially had been reassuring me throughout process especially she knew about the glitches between me and my mum. Without her constant words of support and comfort, it makes it easier to pull through the hard day (she really reads my mind so well!).

My banquet will be coming up on next sunday and I will be wanting to get plenty of rest and be a relaxed bride =) (just for a short change)

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