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Monday, November 30, 2009

Woodblock's Army Outing

I know it sounds strange but i will usually tag along for any outing with woodblock's friends may it be army, nus frens, colleagues, sec skool frens etc. I enjoy going out to socialise and luv it esp when it comes to a big group of guys cracking hilarious jokes and teasing each other outright which is a very different chemistry to that whenever i hang out in groups of females.

For a guys outing, it is always compose of a few major elements:
- Targets for teasing among themselves
- More jokes
- Jokers of cos

So woodblock organise this outing to distribute our wedding cards cum get together session. Naturally he needs to satisfy the first criteria of guys' outing and brought everyone to dine at hotpot culture (to be honest it is his fav and it was a scheme and excuse for him to eat a lot by asking his army frens out).

Notice we were separated into 2 tables? lol. The extreme end is ala carte table and our table is for buffet.

They were so funny because RJ(in red and white) was teasing other guys like SW and C that there will secretly steal their food to eat.

We were laughing how we have fondue hotpot too while they have to sit there sadly to watch us dine!

RJ in action! He is almost as good as Mark Lee becos he is simply hilarious in the way he talks and tells jokes.

How funny was his jokes?

Look carefully....

Ever seen anyone take down notes on jokes in the handphone before as reference? Well Terence did.

Terence asking RJ for more jokes becos he luvs it lol.

Everyone was very attentive to RJ throughout the session.

Cute pose from Terence. He is still a single.... any takers?

Criteria: Must be able to crack funny jokes so that he can record it on the phone.

Soon it was Terence turn to tell jokes...... erm i am not sure whether it was funny though.... BUT WE DID LAUGH when Terence was laughing about his own joke heartily himself....

After the nice dinner, we decided to go off to starbucks for a coffee. we stopped by the look before passing by a nice xmas tree and i suggested taking a group photo....

anything amiss in the photo???

LOOK carefully? Cos we din realise it until we sat down for 10 minutes at starbucks.... *chuckle*


To think that we walk and laugh happily, take group photos happily, chatted happily, order our drinks happily and sit down happily.... all without once remembering someone is missing around us.

* AHEM * => not very safe to go into the jungle with this group of army frens. they can go into the forest and forgot about their mates *shuddered*

We must have left without him after the loo trip and the funniest thing was he din even call us up after that and thought that we will go back and fetch him *FAINTZ*.

A final complete group photo with Terence to compensate his broken heart that we(8 pple?!?!) actually forgotten all about him and left him to stranded outside the loo.

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