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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My vintage postbox and DIY chair Floral

I wonder if you can still remember as clearly as me the hideous chair floral that Grand Shanghai uses? With my so many dealings with faux florals, I am sure that these faux florals use were never as ugly as this in the first place, but rather due to tear and wear many front layers of petals must have dropped off but nobody bothers to replace them =(

But it's ok becos with superb DIY Princess Christine around....... just within a few hours from purchase to processing......

TADA my new chair floral! With those luxuriant shiny pink beads, I love it to bits! I like the fact that I deliberately pick a BIG rose bloom(bigger than my palm size) so I wun need to waste money spending and effort on tying a few small roses together. The rose is so pretty that while I was walking, a Malay shop owner stopped me and asked me where did I get the roses from lol *secret =P*
Anyway the minute I passed to the coordinator, I already knew she want to absorb the flowers as their own inventory BUT i told her NOPE I am getting it BACK =P

The best thing about the reception deco was that my father in law has kindly helped me with my postcards project! What happened was that my lovely friend, Hong bought a vintage postbox as a gift for me! However, the only thing that the post box lacks was a proper stand to make it outstanding and more post box-like. So as usual, when technical problem arises, it is always my super father in law to the rescue!!!!

The stand was being sprayed on a cost of red paint by me.

The final product? A vintage post-box ready for my guests to post their well wishes in. Ah li has finally finish up my post cards n the cards will be ready for collection tmr! cant wait to snap pics and show it to all of you!

Oh yes, not to forget my postcards holder => I will never leave my postcards lying around in an unglam manner. I collected the boxes etc during mooncake festival.. genius, isnt it hahahah.
AND YES, Aesthetics is very important to me.

Finally a fake mock up => of cos this is very subjected to changes =) on the day when i need to take into account of cookie jar, ang pow cage and the space of the table! Dont asked me when i bought the floal petals, I always buy in advance for such rainy days.

I am also going to add in my large floral bloom into the centerpieces for the 6 couches cos it is so pretty yet so cheap as compared to the expensive quote of 3 roses/centerpiece at 10 bucks each.
So looking forward to my wedding soon.


  1. Hi!

    I saw your post where you DIY your corsages. I've been looking for making my own, been to Spotlight, Artfriend, but I cant find the things that I want. You mentioned abt AMK craft shop, can tell me where it is? Or maybe can tell me where you bought most of ur DIY stuff?


  2. hi nelotte, i did purchase my materials from spot light for the corsages. the amk craft shop is located near the s11 beside jubilee building at amk central. i think the name is call elsie.

  3. Hi
    This is Apple. i love your idea of that post box and plan to use it for my wedding. May i know where i can get the post box? Can i buy or borrow it from you? Please reply to my email address

    thank you

  4. Hi, I would also like to know where get the post box! thanks!