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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Video MTV

I hope you guys didnt get a shocked after reading my last post lol but it is just a false alarm.

Woodblock and me have finallly engaged our own videographer with the help of a wedding planner (as it is a little last min. so we decided to leave it to an external vendor to help us settle this part for us).

So there, I finally had bits of my dream video come true as Linda(my VG) was very accomodating with my requests .

We went visiting down many precious memory lane of our courtship and dating places =>
- Mac at NUS
- Pasir Ris
- My Home
- Pasar Malam
- Punggol Park
- Suntec City Fountain of Wealth

I'm already falling in love with the video with the music "Falling for You". The whole feel of tehe video is almost like the mtv itself lol =)

Ok i am running late and i need to go collect my gowns now =) Shall add on more sometime later.

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