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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christine in Spinningland

I am so upset today despite I'm on an mc at home resting.

It's super frustrating and I feel insecure not knowing what is happening to me. I have been experiencing waves of giddyness since Monday. It got so bad that I couldnt stand and sit up properly yesterday with everything in the world spinning around me. Luckily my little bosses from another office were all around and quickly help me seeked help from my colleagues who came to my prompt rescue. But I think I must have scare them to nuts with the weird behaviour and sudden immobility.

I rested well in the office feeling upset that the anti-giddy medicine I took from the Doctor on Monday night was not working and decided to go back to the clinic again for a re-check up. It always feel relaxing and assuring whenever I am at this particular family clinic because of a painting about a group of people dining in a relaxed mood was hung plus nothing beats a cool air con condition with cushion seats.

Soon it was my turn to go in.

Just split seconds the doctor was talking to me, the doctor was spinning too. I find it really hard to process any words that she said to me and probably was taking in the instructions after she repeated several times. The doctor tried to walk me to the bed to rest, but i felt helpless, difficult to focus on my steps and topple here and there. Even when I finally laid and close my eyes, my world is still spinning like a crazy merry go round. Now I know even if you close our eyes the world will still spin and that scares me a whole lot.

I hope it's vertigo or ear infection that is causing me to lose my balance and not some strange hidden disease. Only time can tell whether it is temporary or permenant but i do not wish for even another moment of spinning world again for the feeling is not just terrible, extremely nauseous but it makes me feel frighten and insecure. When the right ear was muffled, it even scarier not being able to hear clearly the only source of assurance from the help besides you.

I wish i know the true cause of it and not end up hald the time at home being in the state of suspicion.

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