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Monday, January 18, 2010

Grand Shanghai Raw Pics -II

Here's the continuation =)

A hearty chat with Baolai!

My hearty FIL with his friend

Lee yong having fun with the oriental fan prop!

Another interesting detail. I feel that Chris is really a genius and has an eye for details....

My musicians for the night! Yes everything was live band and my guests have rave review for it! Adds a lot of points to the ambience!

My sis in law, Shiyun and his bf Min Yu helping out at the reception. Can't thank them enough to do it for both my ROM and Banquet! I swear I will help out during their wedding =)

My match-maker! She is actually very a very westernise person and I like her cheerful and vibrant personality very much. In fact during the first time i met her, she was so friendly that she held my hand and even hug me before we parted. I was really caught by surprise!

My 2 wonderful hosts!! Chun Leck and Rochelle. Chun Leck is actually a part time 933 DJ and my guests kept saying how familiar his voice is and how good he is with his speech! As for Rochelle, I am also impressed by her vocals and articulation => no wonder she is an Eng Lit teacher lol!

The Shanghai Bkground comes alive with the dim lightings!

My first walk in in a trishaw!

Al our guests receiving us with a passionate welcome. One of my guest even improvise and took petals on the table to throw at us lol! But i seriously like it cos it looks so nice on the photo!

Our first oldie singer for the night

Shili was very hardworking in capturing all the moments too while eating.

I luv how i m captured with my very own table no.!

My MIL looks very elegant and gorgeous on this pic!!!

Soon it was changing time to our second outfit.

Let's have a passionate kiss before we go.....

Snow Xuan, Mei-de-beauty and Shili were all busy dressing me up from hair to accessories to my 5 mins manicure transformation.......

TADA all done and ready!

I was getting all the jitters to sing in front of all my guests esp I was haing a cough and falling sick on the banquet day......

Will I survive? Stay tune for the next episode =P
(actually the truth is that it is bedtime for me now lol)

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