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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Grand Shanghai Wedding Pics Raw - I

There are just too many pics from Grand Shanghai formy banquet and I decided to release the pics slowly part by part =)

Gorgeous settings that all my guests luv it to bits including me.

Snow Xuan and Mei-de-beauty plus Shili busy with all the prep and in the lovely Cheongsums that I adorned them in =)

My surprise for my guests! Oriental Lotus Lamp centerpieces being kindly provided by Elite Creations who has been so accomodating to help my meet my budget needs!

Specially requested to take pics with my fav lovely red couches at Grand Shanghai as a keepsake memory!

A more vintage lighting composition

Bling eyelashes bought from Shawn!

Why does it feel like taking a pic with a baby?

Luv the simplicity with a touch of bliss in the air

Do I look like an Oldie Singer?

I luv the sexy high slits of my Cheong Sum (I deliberately requested for a different set of WG for my first walk-in from the one I worn during my tea ceremony day as I wanted to be dressed to the oriental theme)

Pianist Woodblock admiring and secretly in luv with the Pretty Singer

Chris Lim is a genius => I cant tell you how much I like his own touch and detail when I see pics taken by him!

Vintage dolls from Julie =)

My Kawaii Vintage Red Postbox and postcards greeting from my guests!

I did my homework and prefers the older centerpiece used by GS and I do not like the new one as I prefer tall centerpieces! It felt more grand and gorgeous!

Candid shot while Woodblock and me rehearse the duet together

My lovely Aunts! I cant thank them enough for putting in effort to get nice dresses to attend the wedding!

The most blissful couple and my cousins whom I played barbie doll with when we were young(yes they will now keep complaining that I am a psycho for making them play dolls with me... wateva cos i dun really care except that I really luv Princess Barbie series very much)

I was puzzled when I saw this pic.... I wonder what Snow Xuan and Baolai were like doing?

I luv the sexy back of my Cheong Sum!

My parents and 2nd Brother, Raymond ( A crazily wonderful bachelor who is still waiting for the ONE)

Me and my mum

My father in law (to be honest he is really kinda good looking and suave when he is adorned in suit => he just have the like rich biz man look)

I got woodblock to hire a Trishaw for a freaking low rental price lol. Tips: Do not hire them through the company or agents. You will be surprise that the costing goes as low as S$60/hour as compared to the ridiculous quotation of S$200-300 quotation by the companies. In total I spent like S$90 bucks on the trishaw rental with the uncle for 2 purposes
1) Photography session for my guests to have fun at the reception. I make a sign board saying it's a Shanghai Photobooth in Chinese which Ah li helped me hang in front of the Trishaw - "上海相馆"

I also prepped simple props like organza umbrella and fan for my guests to play with at the photobooth! I want to thank Hong xian for helping out to take photographs at the photobooth!

Me and my secondary school friends having fun with a photoshoot! To be honest in the end I stationed there like some wedding mascot lol but I really dun mind as usually many guests would love to take pics with the bride =) Once hongxian has processed the photos, I will try to print out for my guests or send them the soft copy =)

2) First walk-in

Yes I am always quite a miser with money and I always tell pple I must maximise every single cent I spent for the wedding!

Initially I wanted a bumboat too but I scrapped the idea off for 2 reasons
1) High cost of S$450 for a short 5 mins ride
2) High risk of rain during the raining season which I refuse to take like especially after I saw a bride wasted S$800 on the rental of the magnificent giant fountain pavillion outside GS.

DEFINITELY NOT VALUE FOR MONEY! So as a budget DIY bride, there wasnt much of any regrets and 2nd thoughts to scrap off this idea. So btbs, remember during the course of the wedding planning, alays think twice before you make any commitment in terms of purchase or rental if it is not going to be significant enough to make any impression during the wedding.

I will continue to update on more banquet pics soon =)


  1. lovely photos!!! gosh, i wished i was there!!

  2. may i noe where did u rent the trishaw?


  3. Hi, can I also know where you rent your trishaw from? Pls email me at REally love how pretty your wedding turned out and the trishaw is a fantastic idea!!

    Hope to hear from you! Thanks!!


  4. The trishaw's contact is the right navigation bar. Please do check it out =)