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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The fake Queue

Today, my friend told me that he gotten his first choice unit!! I was like OMG first you told me you gotten a crazily good queue number and now when you go down to choose the flat, you got your very first choice???? How can that be?

He then replied that 8 out of the 13 pple before him gave up their bids. That is 60%!!!!

I am really angry with such kind of pple = >biding for the sake of bidding. These are the pple who made it seem as though there is a crazy demand for resale flat. This is not once already. If you happen to try to apply for a HDB flat some time ago, you would have seen the statistics on the number of pple giving out their bids after they were being selected.

These pple should be fine or punish or forbade to bid for like at least 2 yrs as penalty.

Anyway I been reading the news recently with regards to the COV and realise i might need to wait a while more before buying. At least that's what our govt is hinting us to do..... SIGH

I am now looking forward to my vdae celeb with Sir Woodblock. Ever since the wedding, it seems that the prev tensions etc were gone and the feelings were sweeter then ever =) *i feel truly bliss to have marry the right man*

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