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Monday, January 4, 2010

Goodbye 2009 and Happy New Yr Eve with Yummy Risotto

Before the end of 2009, I met the gals out for a casual outing during one evening at Amk Hub's MOS. I luv the idea that Hong has been married to the vicinity, making meeting up even more convenient than before =) It almost felt like going down to your kopi tiam downstairs to meet your friends for a kopi-o!

I do hope such outings will be more frequent as i do appreciate the time hanging out together doing nothing but lazing around in comfort esp near odd timings like morning(breakfast which i did had with mei-de-beauty a few times before) or night time =)

Anyway, for new year eve, woodblock and me decided to avoid the crazy crowd and stay at home to celeb with each other as usual. Guess what, this time round, woodblock decided that he will cook a meal for me and I get to choose what to eat =)

As a sucker for Western food, I chose the food i would like to eat from a recipe book we bought many yrs ago...

THE MUSSEL RISOTTO!!! I luv eating dishes i have never eaen beforeesp those with some foreign name becos it always makes me feel excited thinking that I must be eating some EXOTIC dishes! (waggin tail happily like a puppy)

Extracted from Wikipedia:
"Risotto is a traditional Italian rice dish. It is one of the most common ways of cooking rice in Italy."

So we spend the lazy noon having my fav durian fried rice at Pin Si before we went down to the NTUC to get all the ingredients.

My fav durian fried rice!

I cant tell you how crazy it was, but the whole rack space for putting the heavy cream was empty out (indication of being sold out). Creepy BUT super LUcky we were, while feeling despair, we actually found a can of heavy cream weirdly being plce at some dark corner of the tea leaves section (woodblock has a miracle sharp eye at that point of time somehow but strangely blind out of the 90% time i am with him).

So here's Sir woodblock in action =) to whip up a crazy yummy meal for his beloved Princess Christine

"AR ZHAR, fried fried fried fried fried........."
(Sir woodblock with his special martial arts move => the speedy shadowless frying)
By the way, we got lucky as the NTUC was selling mango clams on the new yr eve!!! I was salivating when 5566 was cooking it on the cooking show some days before.

The crazy-hard-to-get-on-new-yr-eve heavy cream and my bottle of wine (an ingredient too) which i drink with my fruit juice from time to time. Ah li says i am nuts for anyhow mixing the carrot juice with the wine cos i always get a mild diarhoea after that. But it's yummy cocktail to me =)

Not to forget that i Luv seafood!

Now you know why they are call mango clams?? They turn orange- mango colour when it is cooked =) *beautiful isnt it?*

Ah li monitoring Sir woodblock in case she gets diarhoea too.

The smell is nuttily delicious by itself.

Now for the rice! I can tell you the whole process is so tiring trying to cook the rice from raw to cooked! Esp when you need to stir for the whole process => took like 20-30 mins. By then woodblock's arm is so tired =(
Salute my wonderful hubby for such a great sacrifice!

The yummy risotto!

The clams were OOOOIIIISHIIIIII (more meaty han the usual smaller ones we normally get to buy)

Thank you hubby woodblock for such a yummy risotto made with lots of LUV =)

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