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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Woodblock truimphs again

I am SUPPOSE to be posting a video on my banquet which I receive from my VG yesterday. As the file size was huge, I decided to compress the file with windows movie maker before uploading on youtube which was SUPPOSE to be completed last night after a slow and patient wait of 2 hours by the computer.

While I was waiting, woodblock came into the room and started playing facebook games. I was like %&$^%#, hey whose account are you using again?

Woodblock meeked replied:" My one..."

SO it seemed, after I change my password(so now you know I am NEVER the one playing all the games on my facebook), woodblock has finally advance in his own technology knowledge and created himself a facebook account just for playing games.

BUT he didnt add me at all for fearing that I would have find out about him gaming again online and he knows how much I dislike it.

Never mind. So he told me to take off my specs but I told him i needed to check whether the video is ready. BUT then again, woodblock wouldnt listen and he wants me to turn in early to rest and say that he will settle it.
So while I am "blind" he told me the video has finished uploading and I asked him to submit the video for vetting. He replied "how???" after that and i could feel that he was struggling in the blurry image of me. I hate putting on my specs again and I askd him if everything was ok, he didnt reply. But after a while of struggle, a vague "ok" was heard and I happily turn in for the night.

This morning I checked my account. NOTHING was uploaded.

Yes woodblock has truimph again and killed me(I am a very impatient person and imagine my frustrations of waiting 2 hours for nothing) with his low technology advance in the cyber world.

R.I.P. Princess Christine for the day.

* JUST an UPDATE: The video was never uploaded as the length of the video was longer then 10 mins. =( OK i will try again soon. This time round all by myself.

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