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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grand Shanghai Raw Pics - III

The MCs announced our second march in...

Love the floral I DIY for the chair backing, unlike the original ugly ones from Grand Shanghai

My mum looks serene in this photo

My sis in law whom i think looks like Jolin Tsai when she first made her singing debut career

My eldest bro with my sis in law

Woodblock started the drum rolling by singing alone on stage

I soon join him from another corner and sang along while I made my way slowly to join him

Finally joined him on stage

It felt like a great relief when we finally finish up the song - 月亮代表我的心

A sincere bow to end our performance

I really felt so happy at that moment!

I wonder what woodblock is eeeking about lol!

Champagne popping time. I am afraid of any sudden popping sound and the whole process was competely torturous to me. I was glad I do away with the faux cake and have a more grand champagne tier instead.

Princess Christine "WhEW!!!"

Woodblock peeping at his Princess

Finally the family members and xiong dis were invited on stage to get ready for the toasting



My second uncle

Finally get to drink the champagne!

A joyous moment shared with our families and all our relatives and friends!

A thank you speech from woodblock

Why is my brother laughing so heartily?????????

Orhhhh It's saboh game time!

Will woodblock survive the ordeal in stored for him????

Stay tune =P

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