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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Sunny Picnic Lunch drives the Moody Moon Away!

As woodblock knows that i get kinda uptight these days with so much anxiety and stress esp when work has started full stream, he suggested bringing me out for a relaxing lunch.

It's seems strange that despite now that we are working n can easily afford dining at all the wonderful restaurants that we use to yearn to dine at, i am now longer thrilled by all these.

So as a novelty to cheer me up, sir woodblock decide to bring his beloved princess out into the sunshine for a nice picnic session!!!

Also Hong and Marvin's Fav hang out place (after this picnic, it is also one my fav too)

Sir woodblock setting up the royal picnic ground for Princess Christine to rest upon.

As convenience, we opted for a simple macdonald takeaway =) sometimes it seems strange but a simple meal(although unhealthy) really brightens up my day in its own simple and humble way.
Even a fish burger appears to be like a luxury item suddenly .

Even though the view was not those crazily spectacular ones, but i love the place a lot as they were really few pax, giving the royalties a lot of privacy drowning in our love river.

It felt good sitting together quietly for that few moments while having our lunch.

I always feel that whenever couples are alone with less distractions from the bustlings of the cities, they enjoy and appreciate each other presence even more.

Woodblock says i looked like his adorable little princess when i gobbled up my fish burger hungrily and took a snap of me.

After the meal, i got myself more relaxed and rested in the comfort of my Sir woodblock, my hero for the day for saving me from the villian - "Mr. Moody".

As usual, i like to play some love songs when we are alone in a quiet place to add in some romantic ambience.

I felt very protected and safe whenever I am in woodblock's arm. Even though he may seem pretty silly at times, but he is always so reassuring and definitely the knight in a shiny armour in my heart =)

How I wish I could just pause that special moment for a little more while.

Thank you Sir woodblock!

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