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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Counting the "B"s

It's been a freaking long time since I blogged and it kinda frustrates me that life have been crazily Busy more then ever with the work engine starting and it is definitely not helping with so many clouded new yr resolutions plus wishes that I really hope I can accomplished!

Sad to say the first B topping my list is actually "BUSY". I am so tire out and strain that I kept falling sick and yet have to attend to so many 101 stuff at the same time. I wish for New yr soon as I need some REST may it be just for a day or so. But I will be please =)

However, the true geniune B that I am truly wishing for seems to be a really difficult one to achieve with the other "B" getting in the way. People who knows me all knows how much I love kids and I really wished for one of my own too but I guess the more you want it the harder it gets so I am now hoping to forget about this as much as possible and just let nature takes it course(plus i really have no time for it) =(

Finally, it is not easy to be searching for a flat esp with so many things to consider esp the costings. I wish the HDB will be more considerate when issuing the queue numbers as it REALLY IRKS AND IRRITATES me a lot after hearing a friend of mine who is NOT MARRIED and have sort of forfeit his ballot number like 2 yrs ago and NOT EVEN staying in AMK region getting a super duper good queue number when he applied for the AMK HDB flats at the same time as me.

Can you imagine the frustrations and anger I have for HDB (but i am happy for my friend but crazily envious at the same time though) that I have been married for already a year and have a failed attempt in my bid for even faraway flats like Punggol and having applied for AMK flats to stay near parents, getting rejected again for another time.

Talk about the government wanting us to have babies.... my question for them is, where do we let the babies stay when I dun even have a $%$#%$ space for them at my in laws place(I have 2 sis in laws staying together too)??? Throw them into the bin??? I opened up my choices from farway places(which a lot of my friends didn't like it, complaining how wulu it is) to a nearby parent's house location. I guess I am losing confidence especially reading forums about how pple are being rejected for like even 4 times(but i really wonder why they din bother to write in their concerns to hdb for such a crazy numerous attempts). We dont really have much of a choice, considering that we cant afford a car and staying in some crazy wulu areas in wulu regions (meaning those that are far away from mrts and interchange) is going to drive us nuts.

I wish HDB have a proper and more detailed planning whenever it does all the balloting because I felt it was unfair not going through all our backgrounds in details before deciding who really needs a place to stay in more. I know about the fair balloting etc but what if you are crazily unlucky all your life and have never have the chance to struck lottery or even small cheapo lucky draws, does that make us a loser??

Therefore, having not much of a choice, we decided probably a resale flat will be better. It is going to stretch us in terms of $ and cents but I guess it will be better then letting my fate to be decided by HDB's lucky draw ballot because we had never won any lucky draw before in life(except winning a pencil case from a chinese newsletter draw when i was in pri school) and I guess we just dont have the luck for it. Plus it makes it is even more difficult for us knowing my parent in law would like us to get a unit near them but AMK is truly way too expensive for us to afford and it felt like being trapped in a dilemma(even though we did reassure them we will not be moving that soon). I guess I will leave the difficult job to woodblock to explain why we cant buy a nearby unit to them unless we really strike some real TOTO(which I actually dun buy for a freaking long time).

Even if I continue on to bid for more hdbs, even if I successfully get the bid now, by the time I get the units, I will be celebrating probably the 4th bdae of my child which I find it stupid (I am stating with reference to the Dawson project's finishing timeline.)

I fnally understood the truth why pple are getting married later. I did many surveys asking pple around me and their answers are always the same(mabbe I should send this survey results to the HDB and govt) => most of the current generation of Singaporeans prefer to get their flats before getting wed due to the same few reasons!
1) Insufficient room space for the wedded couples as they are also other siblings in the house too
2) Unable to stay with their in laws due to the already arising conflicts even before the wedding
3) Proximity from parents to take care of their kids when they are away at work since they cant afford to put their kids in childcare
4) Finding a balance in terms of distance between the 2 parents so there wont be so much arising misunderstand and conflicts about biaseness etc

of cos we are an exception case considering I dont mind staying with my in laws but my only concern came in when i started thinking about having a baby and where to house him/her when she starts to grow up from a baby to a toddler to a child. I guess i should have made more comphrehensive plannings when it comes to that. One good thing is that the living room is big so *ahem* cross my fingers I will not have to go to that resort of asking the child to slp in the living room.

But it kind of scare me about the current societal trend and it scares me thinking that we still believe that the cause of late marriages and lack of babies was due to more intelligent and highly educated woman etc.

Probably I should have waited for flat b4 getting wed so that it wont mistaken like as though I dont have a need for a house in the next 10 yrs.

It felt good letting out some air cos I felt really bursting with too many things happening at one go. Hopefully with the new yr approaching, things will eventually turn out better.

I really hope for good news soon from the Baby to the hd'B's and definitely less of my work "B"usyness.

Wish me luck yeah?

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