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Friday, June 18, 2010

Amazing Race and Universal Studio

Last, last Saturday was really fun and it's been ages I had any fun joining orientation like games like back in the old uni days. It was wonderful that my sis in law's company had organise this amazing race for their family day and the morning started chirpy with all the young members of the family marching off together from home all the way to Sentosa!

I was pretty amused that when we arrived, the YOG mascots were already there waiting to welcome us.

Members of team 9 - Shiyun, Min Yu, Shili, Woodblock and Christine

The early morning wee hours make us still very fresh and excited!

It is consider a fierce competition with like 50 teams!!!!

Other members in our group. A sweet bubbly family!

All the team leaders were suppose to run up to snatch the envelopes for the first clue for individual teams. Sad to say that as we did not arrive early enough, we did not get the privilege of a "FAST FORWARD" which the first 12 teams do. So we have to complete like 5 stations while the fast forward team have only 2 stations.

Shiyun, our team 9 leader is right smack in the middle.

Ready, get set, chiiiiiiiiiiiiionnnnnnnnng AR!!!

A confusing mass of envelopes lying on the table.

First stop, SILOSO beach. It was kinda crazy that we run like mad from 1 beach to another. I didnt expect the kids were so excited and kept running, so in the end the whole team 9 run like crazy.

OPs i forgot to mention that since there were too many pple in the team, I decided to become the photographer and help take some pics as keepsake.

The meimei was very cute and dig pretty gently on the ground for the ping pong balls.

As the station ICs understand it could be pretty difficult, they decided to allow the jie jie to go down and start digging too.

Next up was a rush to the butterfly farm and followed by a nice luge ride

Here we go!

I am so glad I brought my sunglasses along!

Helmets all checked!

It was the kids first ride attempt so it was really thrilling for them!

I was the third to finish the luge ride so I only manage to capture some of the team members while they pull into the finishing line.

Winnie, another member of our amazing race. She was on her own with us the whole morning and I am so glad she felt comfortable with us as i always dislike pple being left out of the fun.

Our team leader shiyun touching the finishing line too.

Next on the list, Universal Studio entrance. We were suppose to take a group photo with the globe!

I wonder what's the purpose of the LUGE chop when we are only allow to ride once =(

The "Hui" family! Ops counting the number of fingers we have, it doesnt really tally with our team number........

OK TAKE 2 - Smile, Team NINE!

The finale pic!
Soon we ran alllllllllllll the way back but sad to say we came in only 5th. The prizes was only given up to the 3rd position. But still, without the fast forward, I thought we were really WELL DONE!

Thank goodness there were some balloon sculpturing and caricarture booth to keep us entertained!

My bouquet of balloon flowers!

I must say this guy is good!

He can actually draw with both hands!!!! Freakingly cool to the bits.

Can you guess who is this?

The artist loves Ah li's features so much that after drawing, he suddenly stood up and asked me to take a pic of him and Ah li together with the drawing.

Ah li's cartoon

Woodblock and me.

TADA, the "Hui" Family AKA Team 9

Soon after prize preseantion, we proceeded down to USS for our lunch. Boy I can tell you after much running the whole morning, we WERE AS HUNGRY AS AN OGRE!

The street totall felt something similar to that of Hongkong disneyland! I wish we have a few more streets like this on mainland Singapore.

Guess what I spotted?

A vintage popcorn van! So adorable!

Shiyun who had been to USS, was leading the way like a tour guide.

So here's sharing the secret with you, if you have been to USS, here's Louis Pizza which have a raving review from the "Hui" family.

It felt SHIOK stepping into a strong air conditioned restaurant. The interior deco was pretty simple and you probably will be drawn to the burgers place to dine instead BUT there is something that really have drawn us in.

Hungry Ah li with a grouchy face.

The boys queuing for the food.

Louis chicken wings - Totally delicious! I think it is a MUST TRY item!

This salad came with the family set meal we ordered. Quite normal in taste.
OH wait here comes the attraction of the restaurant

What the hell is that?!?!?!?! UFO?

Our gigantic pizza!!! OMG compare that with the large plate of chicken wings. It mades it felt like mini drumlets already =)

It is so oversize that even a slice of it is bigger than my LARGE plate.

BEST LUNCH ever this holiday!

Betty booper was just outside the restaurant!

We soon went to catch the 4 D Shrek show!

I kept thinking that I have already arrived at the show area as even the "introduction" room (a stopover for the crew to induct us with the stories and giving us instructions on the DOs and DONTs) was already very well furnished!

See the "introduction" room was even comes with a screen for a short story screening before we enter the 4D theatre.

Next we went down to the Hook's Knight Club to watch Donkey singing.

Same thing this is only the "introduction" room with the host inducting us with some stories etc.

The donkey show is more of an interactive media between the audience and the digital donkey on screen. Woodblock and me have seen similar concept like in Hongkong Disneyland which was under the Lilo and Stitch Theme. Theirs was definitely more interectly fun and entertaining and our donkey fella here pales in comparison.

Much later on, woodblock and the rest decided it as time to take on some thrill rides. As I have a very faint heart, I will usually stand outside waiting for them. This mummy ride is probably the second scariest ride at USS. When Ah li came out, she told me it was really dizzy. I even overheard other visitors that they feel like puking. For woodblock, he gave the ride a thumbs up with the popping up of mummies and fire effects inside the pyramid!!

The boobs of the mummy princess were really distracting me all the time lol.

I like this Shop's name! Anyway care for some FROZEN FUEL?

There were many cars to pose with along the streets of USS.

The supposedly scariest ride is still not open yet. I wonder why USS was open when many of the rides etc was not open yet. Kind of felt that they are cheating tourist's money!

I decided to join the last ride of the day - the Jurassic Park ride.


All the grumpy faces started emerging from the pple in the queue.

Poor control man needs to look at 7 CCTV at one go.

The ride allows 9 pax at one go.

Thank goodness raincoats were provided to prevent ourselves from getting wet.

Hmm it is not a wise idea to go to the loo at the Mummies place.

Which is which?
Unkucky or hilarious it may seem, after everyone decided which is which, we change our decision last minute because a stupid butch was standing right at the entrance of the female toilet. I want to say butch and sissy should be banned from standing at the entrance for these toilets.

After all the rides and walk, it was a good time to laze around at the new york street. Shiyun and minyu went on for other rides at the jurassic park.

There, hop hop dancers were performing and I must say they were REALLY good at strutting all their stuff.

The Steven's Spielberg's 'Lights! Camera! Action!

This is a new special effects show taking place in a stunning hurricane-over-New York setting: the water-, fire- and destruction-effects.

Everything was peaceful before the storm.

OMG the storm is attacking us! Where's our window?

It felt like Ah li was going to be run down by the ship.
After the show, woodblock left us to check into the hotel which he has meant to book it to surprise me.

So Ah li and me were left to wander around the streets on our own. BUT we spotted a funny hat house and we soon have our own funny hat moments!

Here's the end of our USS adventure =) A tiring but fun filled day!

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