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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another BTO let down

Now I am seriously kinda getting fed up with HDB. If you have asked around probably you will realise that many pple are only getting their BTOs from HDB only like in their 5th or 6th tries or even more. For couple like us who are hitting the $8 k ceiling, we are feeling the heat and it makes things worse that relatives around us thought we are laid back in our quest for a house.

I wonder why our queue number is getting worse with each trial while some of my friends who arent even married yet got their HDB in the 1st or 2nd tries. I really hope I be getting my flat in the next bid for punggol waterway. I am glad I have been smart enough to invest on my platform bed so that I can save space for a baby cot for future family planning.

This e-service allows you to find out the results of your sales application if you have participated in April 2010 Build-To-Order Exercise (Punggol Emerald and Punggol Waves).
April 2010 Build-To-Order Exercise (Punggol Emerald and Punggol Waves)

Sales Registration Number : 2319893B
Estate: Punggol
Flat-Type: 4-Room
No. of Flats: 609

Your queue position is beyond 300% of the flat supply. (super pathetic) Hence, you are deemed as unsuccessful in your flat application. You will not be invited to select a flat and your flat application has been cancelled accordingly. For first-timer applicants, this unsuccessful application will be counted towards the accumulation of additional chances for their future application for a flat in non-mature estates under the BTO exercises.

HDB will be launching more BTO exercises in the coming months. The details of the locations and flats offered for sale will be publicized in the mass media at its launch. You may then submit an application if you are able to meet the prevailing eligibility conditions to buy a flat from HDB.

Please view the Frequently Asked Questions on Build-To-Order (BTO) Exercise (After Release of Ballot Results). If you have further queries, you may email us at or call our Sales/Resale Customer Service Line at 1800-8663066 during office hours, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.


  1. Now they do not even allocate a queue number?
    Me also got the same msg as u.. Sigh, 6th try liao..

  2. It sucks big time that I also have another friend who got the same msg. but i doubt our real queue no. is really 300% and bigger. I am hoping to get the next one though=> punggol waterway. It is the one that I had been aiming for a long time.

  3. Just too bad about your queue no. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise .. and have better luck in the punggol waterway BTO :)

    Btw, I read beside the punggol waterway, they will be launching another BTO @ sengkang at the same time.

    Just wondering, can one apply for both BTO at the same time for an added buffer?

  4. actually i think the new msg pop up becos they came up with a new system of no longer issuing the queue no. My colleague also recieve the same msg too despite it is already her 4th try. I think we should be allow to apply both BTO at the same time bah as I heard that was what ppl does in the past.